Jolla outs Tahkalampi - update 8 for its Sailfish OS

15 July, 2014

Last month Jolla released the major Saapunki firmware, which combined the planned 6 and 7 updates into one. The company also promised to bring update 8 in July and it is now rolling out, just as scheduled.

The new update 8 for the Sailfish OS is called Tahkalampi and improves the user experience with Android apps among other things. Here is the official changelog:

  • Easily switch between open Android apps in the homescreen by tapping on their respective active covers i.e they are no longer grouped into one cover (experimental)
  • Add shortcuts to webpages in the app launcher area
  • Set separate synchronization schedules per mail account
  • Upload multiple files via Browser and be able to filter files by file type during file selection
  • Define email signature and sender name per account
  • Save unsent messages as drafts when messages app is pushed to background
  • Search word auto-completion in Jolla Store
  • Use stroke input method for writing in Chinese
  • Define an end date when creating/modifying recurring calendar events
  • Artist search support in Media player

You can find more highlights and improvements over at the official page for the Tahkalampi update.

Jolla has previously announced that the next update 9 will come in late August or early September.

Thanks, Sepehr James Noori, for the tip!

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-274519

Haha, that would be awesome.

  • Anonymous

9th update will be called Bodominjärvi?

  • Anonymous

I for one cant wait to get sailfish on my old S3. It will great to give a new OS a go. Jolla please get sailfish working on CM11.