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  • sharib
  • 7wA
  • 30 Aug 2016

karbon a2+ is very very bad mobile and its ram damn ........... no one bye karbon a2+ ......,

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    • Ankita
    • 7ty
    • 01 Jul 2016

    Karbonn A2+ Plus is a good mobile for day to day usage.. it holds a great power iside of box. Comes with a 4.0.4 stock rom.. that's bugless. Phone works well in any condition. It's made for those users who just wish to use lightweight apps, such as whatsapp or imo. You can't play hard games on it as it have a low end RAM. To boost overall performance of this phone Rooting is neccesary. Beware that Costom roms are not supportable. After Rooting your phone Install GooManager and TWRP Recovery only. And first backup your stock ROM. After doing so, Uninstall following apps(Use ES file explorer with root permissions- Gmail , News and Weather , Home screen tips , File manager(before you uninstall this , install ES file explorer!!) and Youtube. After Removing blotware Reset your phone(apps won't be installed again but this will clear a lot of internal memory min 50 MB and 20 MB of system Partition)
    Now set installation to sd card only and now you can install at least 35 apps (Before this you can install maximum 20 low sized apps)

    Dont expand it's Ram using any software because this will cause a lot of lag. Install Root Booster and set it on speed. This will overclock device and device will run smoothly (Overclock can harm your device if you use it for long term, I recommend to use battery mode. It will really boost your battery performance.

    Optional Apps who work great on this device after this proccess(My own device is A2+. This procedure won't brick your phone but Never use font installers for this device.. You could even get a bricked phone by doing so)
    Opera Mini for Browsing
    Lollipop Launcher makes your phone look shine and clean
    Raging Thunder a racing 3D game who is really fun. You can play it on your karbonn a2+
    SoulCraft another 3D game for this creature can be played greatly
    Reaper A tale of pale swordsman is a great game for Karbonn a2+
    Epub book reader alloes you to read stories (as karbonn a2+ mostly supports Educational apps)
    FB light
    Merriam webster dictionary
    UC Mini

    If you found this comment good please thank me on gmail elevenelfseatigrabbits@gmail.com

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      • PAR
      • Hku
      • 20 Dec 2015

      corbonn A2+ is very floap model,and my advice is through this model in The garbage.

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        • suman
        • U{2
        • 07 Jul 2015

        anurag, 04 Mar 2015Karbonn A2+ is nice phone Because it's problem in this pho... moreKarbonn a2+ mobail is very bad mobail because its not work 3G I want to 3g smart phone and also is problem in his Beatty that Beatty was dammi Beatty I hate that mobail

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          • Anonymous
          • PEW
          • 15 Jun 2015

          Immediately after the guarantee/warranty period, something or other started going wrong with this mobile n I had to spend a total amount of ₹ 1850/- to get things right. Before completion of 2 years, it has now become irreparable in that some circuit is gone beyond repair.
          I had to buy a new mobile, of course this time no repeat Karbon.

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            • bittu
            • PAY
            • 20 May 2015

            how to change the android version...because so many phones change the software...but this phone not change the android software updated...so please how to update the android

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              • sanjeev
              • KAv
              • 19 May 2015

              its very bad mobile. i will never use karban mobile and not give any suggest for this mobile . its very poor feacture

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                • pank
                • bCY
                • 27 Apr 2015

                it is really bad ...... it makes me mad .... every time when i used it it will get hanged .... i hate this phone

                  • j
                  • jack
                  • bEK
                  • 23 Apr 2015

                  Fine but battery gone..to replace battery it is Rs 500

                    • k
                    • kidxung
                    • PAX
                    • 14 Apr 2015

                    A2+ mobile is nice but its battery life is very poor. why to make such phones yr.

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                      • jugraj
                      • HsL
                      • 02 Apr 2015

                      Asma Aezaz Patel, 14 Feb 2014Plz help..I bought karbonn A2+ recently& it hangs up..i... moreReboot your phone

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                        • sunil
                        • tYW
                        • 24 Mar 2015

                        karbonn a2+ mobile is good like more time go to battery but this mobile hang more time

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                          • anurag
                          • 7jW
                          • 04 Mar 2015

                          Karbonn A2+ is nice phone
                          Because it's problem in this phone
                          It's not working 3g
                          No internal memory
                          Bad camera

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                            • nagesh
                            • uv%
                            • 18 Feb 2015

                            my phone is very good. certain days ago my phone got a weak battery package. i dnt knw how it came. then i think slowly the major fault is mine. dnt be putting the phone charge at full time.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • XuZ
                              • 03 Feb 2015

                              its battery backup is too bad if we use internet The battery falls frm 100% to 30% within 20min..non of big mb games like candy crush works in it due to low internal...it hangs a lot ..IT just give a look of good phone but nothing is inside...

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                                • Aashrya
                                • 9DC
                                • 21 Jan 2015

                                Biren , 14 Aug 2014this phone is working nice but only these all are problem l... moreI'm satisfied faam dis fon

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                                  • saravanan
                                  • U{E
                                  • 14 Jan 2015

                                  vikashkuma89@gmail.c, 26 Aug 2014New version 4.2.2 update Old software is bed

                                    • r
                                    • ram
                                    • 2@f
                                    • 11 Jan 2015

                                    its internal memmory is very low
                                    and its camera is v.bad
                                    i want android update

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                                      • Anurag
                                      • rAV
                                      • 29 Dec 2014

                                      This is very most phone
                                      but 1 problem his software is end the slow time

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • PAX
                                        • 29 Dec 2014

                                        it is not a mobile just shape of phone..there is nothing inside it