Karbonn Smart Tab 10

Karbonn Smart Tab 10

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  • Manish Kushalka
  • 2@q
  • 16 Mar 2013

Just got the tab... a gud buy for the money... don't expect great screen resolution, bad camera(I never had camera as a concern, u don't take pics from a 10" device ideally); Decent sound, not that great but feels gud to have a 10" branded product for this price, Specs speak for themselves of a good performance... Would recommend this product for this budget...

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    • rahul
    • 2@y
    • 15 Mar 2013

    ad, 13 Mar 2013Can it supports adobe flash player?yes v much

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      • ad
      • ut6
      • 13 Mar 2013

      Can it supports adobe flash player?

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        • Rahul
        • 2@y
        • 05 Mar 2013

        I am facing a weird issue when using a Wifi connection on this tablet

        I can easily connect to the WiFi router at my home and access the internet, but only the Google Play Store App and Facebook App cannot access internet via WiFi.
        Using Chrome browser, I can access Play store and every other website but not facebook.com

        This issue is only happening in my tablet running on JB and other 2 andriod GB phones at my place work fine using the same WiFi router.
        Furthermore, if I use any other WiFi network or 3g connection I do not face the above issue!

        I have tried searching across forums and have done the following:
        1. Reset the tablet to factory setting 3 times
        2. Reset my WiFi router to factory setting
        3. Updated the latest firmware for my Dlink wireless DIR300 router
        4. Tweaks like enable 11g only setting on my router, removed all levels of protection and kept the wifi unsecure
        5. Disabled all firewall options on the router
        6. Configured WiFi on the tablet using WPS
        7. Installed Firefox and Dolphin browser, but still cannot access facebook
        8. Used static ip and also Changed dns to and

        None of the above has worked... Can anyone help me pls...

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          • Anonymous
          • YP6
          • 01 Mar 2013

          which is nice st 8 or st 10

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            • AnonD-118816
            • uv0
            • 01 Mar 2013

            its better to buy Lava e-tab xtron its great featured tablet in a budget price its onlt 6500INR.

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              • Unni
              • vGm
              • 26 Feb 2013

              I had few problems i.e. the first and the replacment provided had some problem like hanging, frozen picture etc. The dealer was kind enough in changing the first two sets due to the problem. Third one is ok but battery display icon shows the charging mode on at all times even when it is not on charge. I just want to know whether this particular model has this complaints like hanging/freezing etc.

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                • Anonymous
                • uvB
                • 21 Feb 2013

                i want to purchase this one, but confused, videcon tab is also available in same configuration and 1k above prise. What abt internal memory of this tab. It may be furnish the requirment of a laptop.

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                  • nitinnik
                  • QYx
                  • 18 Feb 2013

                  king, 17 Feb 2013can someone plz tell me the exact RAM it has. are hd games ... moreit's 1 GB

                    • k
                    • king
                    • X0G
                    • 17 Feb 2013

                    can someone plz tell me the exact RAM it has. are hd games like asphalt 7 , NFS most wanted supported or not?

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                      • nikky
                      • w0%
                      • 13 Feb 2013

                      AndroidFAN, 11 Jan 2013Worst Product from Karbonn..... Lags like hell...1080p vide... moreits a very good TAB under 10k also working good performance, but battery is not good

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                        • AnonD-104071
                        • PGj
                        • 08 Feb 2013

                        Tablet seems to be good in general. Microsoft keyboard works well with this table with a stand it becomes a tablet. IPad screen guard and case work with little cutting and adjustment. No accessories are available for Karbonn Smart Tab 10. Benchmark is very good around 9000 on AnTutu, this is better than my Galaxy Nexus. Games performance is excellent, but I was disappointed with some game developer as games were not supported.

                        Tablet seems to be a bit buggy. Google now shortcut come totally outside screen, sometimes it crashes on massive storage operation. Chrome browser does not response well when more that one page is opened. 2D graphic is show, that mean it will take more time to draw image than rastering a complex 3D Graphic.

                        Overall it is very use full, I have stopped using my desktop or laptop and use this tablet for all my personal purposes.I bought it at ₹9900 that was a great deal for this tablet.

                        I home Karbonn release Jelly Bean 4.2 on this tablet so that it can support multi user logging.

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                          • Nitinnik
                          • QYx
                          • 06 Feb 2013

                          gagan, 31 Jan 2013is the wifi performance similar to that of a laptop? what ... moreYes it's working same like Laptop. Signal Strength is good but totally depend on your router position . Need to download Wi-fi keep alive software to keep wi-fi connection active in sleep mode.

                            • g
                            • gagan
                            • t}6
                            • 31 Jan 2013

                            AnonD-100635, 13 Jan 2013Bought this tablet yesterday and it's value for money. Test... moreis the wifi performance similar to that of a laptop?
                            what about the battery perf on wifi?

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                              • Anonymous
                              • utm
                              • 27 Jan 2013

                              toooooooooooooooo confused

                                • j
                                • jahangir
                                • YTE
                                • 23 Jan 2013

                                hd games does work just sometime it gives poor grafix but it runs quit well and tab 8 is same in everything as compared to 10 but is much lighter and handy but looks abit cheap but tab 10 really is head turner in looks its just 3000 rs costlier then 8 both are really good and even the battery life is too good as a tab

                                  • j
                                  • jhonny
                                  • tUa
                                  • 22 Jan 2013

                                  AnonD-103834, 22 Jan 2013Does it support games like NFS Shift, NFS Most Wanted. Whi... moreyes u can play even cod 2 i have played for 10 times

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-103834
                                    • utu
                                    • 22 Jan 2013

                                    jahangir, 21 Jan 2013see this tab is for 10200 to 10500 indian rs depends on you... moreSo,is HD gaming out of the question?

                                      • D
                                      • AnonD-103834
                                      • utu
                                      • 22 Jan 2013

                                      Does it support games like NFS Shift, NFS Most Wanted.
                                      Which one is better Tab8 or Tab10 in terms of performance?

                                        • R
                                        • Rasmus
                                        • uuC
                                        • 22 Jan 2013

                                        Whatapp does not support tablets and they r working on it ,but if u want to use what's app u could root ur phone to use it ,gaming is a little bit dissapointing with the info provided ,but still this tab is worth a price , multitasking design features are just awesome ,as a owner I would recommend this tab without regrets :-)