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I own the phone for 5 years, and have changed another 2 phones since then, but i have installed android 7 custom rom recently and it s quite decent in terms of speed, the battery is atrocious tho, you get like 40 mins of normal usage and like 2 hours of youtube playback from 100%.
Video is simply unusable, camera on the back maybe with a ton of light could be usable for some people? for me it s trash on both sides.
The storage is 4gb and if you don t use it as a main driver you won t feel the need for more, i also use sd maid to clear some of the junk in the phone that s pilling up storage.
Processor was decent then, very bad now, it can play some of the regular games but at very low settings.
This phone is a phone you use while charging, i wouldn t count on it even if i have to use it for 2-3 hours.
In the conclusion, it was nice going back in time and play with the first actual smartphone i had ( galaxy mini 2 was atrociously slow for it s time).

  • Ghatiya Phone

How to move apps form internal storage to memory storage ?? Why there is not any file manager ?? I can't find any option to disable vibration on keyboard ,where is it ?? Why this thing has snapdeal and olx but not a gallery?? Just answer the 1st ques plz !!!

Palash mitra, 29 Jul 2016My mobail andorid system is st0pped .I avoiv m6.0.1.updat m6.0Comments like these make me question our society as a whole and my stupid sense of humor

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2017When come Android N in Spark v AS sonn

  • Tdxf


  • Anonymous

When come Android N in Spark v

  • Anonymous

vikash, 07 Jan 2017I have reset my Karbon sparkle v and now it is not working,... moresoftware update visit service centre 400 rs I got same problem

  • vikash

I have reset my Karbon sparkle v and now it is not working, its shows only a black screen, can anyone tell me a solution

  • Anonymous

I think this is one of the best handset......superb......but it does not support all otg except recomendation otg

  • Anonymous

Saki, 27 Dec 2016Guys, Best handset... Smooth operating. Most updated... ... morenetwork ic means? it supports 3g?

  • Saki

Guys, Best handset...
Smooth operating.
Most updated...
No Hanging problem.
Bt Battery n N/w IC problem.

  • gautam yadav

sri, 24 Oct 2016How to support OTG step by step instructions pleasehow????????????????????????????????????????????

  • gautam yadav

in this phone,OTG is not sporting,how it sopport ,please give me advice?

  • Jithin26

Vishal Verma, 16 Sep 2016Does Sparkl V phone support OTG ., Or notNo

  • sri

AnonD-596178, 11 Oct 2016yes. it supports usb otgHow to support OTG step by step instructions please

  • sandeep manipal

sparkle v is not otg support how to support otg..

Answer please

  • v1hero

http://www.androguider.com/2016/07/updated-android-nougat-70-update-will_91.html... In this article it says android one/karbonn sparkle v will receive Android N 7.0... Fingers Crossed

  • AnonD-596178

Chappa461, 29 Aug 2016Android 7 update is out for android one mobiles????I don't think the 1st generation of android one devices will receive the 7.0 update.

  • AnonD-596178

Vishal Verma, 16 Sep 2016Does Sparkl V phone support OTG ., Or notyes. it supports usb otg

  • Sarfraz

Very duplicate quality software guys plz dont waste ur money .