Kyocera Brigadier

Kyocera Brigadier

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  • I didn't know...Aaaa

user, 02 Oct 2017push power button and volume down button at the same time.I didn't know.....Aaaaaah Thanks so much...

  • John

denny, 27 Aug 2019This is the toughest, best built phone I have ever seen, bar non... moreif there only would be a follow-up product same robust, with buttons, same size(small) and the loudness this phone has. I'm searching since 2 years and the closest are the super-ugly CAT phones....

  • denny

This is the toughest, best built phone I have ever seen, bar none. Kyocera, this is how a phone should be made. I have dropped this phone many times, it just takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'. This phone is a beast.

  • denny

Catherine the Great, 16 Nov 2018Not durable enough for what it is made for.I've owned this phone since 2014. I have dropped it many times. This thing is a tank. The sturdiest phone I have ever seen by far. It's military grade for crying out loud! Just how much more tough do you think a phone can get?

Not durable enough for what it is made for.

dasan, 30 Nov 2017why No FM radio man ?Because this is Verizon. Deal with it.

  • dasan

why No FM radio man ?

  • admir

this is the best phone ever for


i have installed foxfi and I can tell you that this phone beats iphone, sony xperia z5 premium and samsung s6 edge! all of them get heating very fast. only this is cold and you can rely on it in every moment. i am using it for 6 months without interruption in hotspot :)

  • user

Anonymous, 26 Jun 2017How to take screen shots push power button and volume down button at the same time.

  • Anonymous

How to take screen shots

  • uncle

my system is under root eat shorts broken antennae. please help with question. thanks you

  • davidson d

How to buy the phone?? Can you all teach me?? I like this phone but i don't know how to buy and where to pay?? I need you to teach me..

  • AnonD-609940

Hello, somebody figured out how it unblocks the device and make the gsm if yes and power to send email


my wifi is not work

  • AnonD-585062

Brick, 04 Jul 2016Hi. If anybody needs good Kyocera Brigadier phone or you want t... moreI had the Commando by Casio....
I put that phone to the complete test .. Wow it took every thing I thru at it except a hammer but got outdated and had to go to this Brigadier no comparison it's a good phone but so far I'm not impressed. I have had nothing but trouble ? Went thru 3 of them in one month operating software problems ???
Wish they would make a Commando 2 Thank you

  • Anonymous

I am so glad to have found a rugged phone with place to attach lanyard

  • Anonymous

hat3r, 22 Jul 2016Can you give me the e-mail address, please?I would if I had your email been looking for one in new conditions I've had four bought straight from Verizon and not paying retail again

  • hat3r

Brick, 04 Jul 2016Hi. If anybody needs good Kyocera Brigadier phone or you want t... moreCan you give me the e-mail address, please?

  • Hat3r

dave, 14 Nov 2015kyocera should be ashame of theme selves. They know that a lot p... moreI contacted them and they said they are under a strict contract with Verizon and cannot sell a network free phone.The road to Europe would've open in front of them just as simple as snaping fingers.
In my oppinion it was a huge business mistake.With proper marketing, this phone would've topped the charts as it has some unique features on the market: smart sonic receiver and sapphire glass.

  • Brick

If anybody needs good Kyocera Brigadier phone or you want to fix it, please send me e-mail.
Just bought couple of them from US with Verizon.

Works like charm in Latvia, Europe.
What I did:

1. Remove Verizon bloatware.
2. Installed needed apps.
3. Bought wireless charger (Qi charger).

What I like the most in this phone: Sapphire LCD, battery, charging, ruggedness (reminds me about good old Nokia phones), waterproof (don't want to test though).
I bought because I was tired of changing LCD for my sony xperia z1 compact.

What I don't like: Camera (8 mpx) comparing to Sony Xperia Z1 compact (20 mpx).

So recommend for everyone, who is active and at least have broken 2 displays for other phones. This is the best rugged phone in my opinion, just nobody knows much about it.