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Kyocera Hydro Life

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  • mtnman

I've had this phone for 18+ months and it takes tons of abuse without a cover. The case is all scratched up from dropping it onto concrete at 15 mph TWICE but the screen is fine and it still works. I wash it in the sink under running water too.

  • Rick

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2016All in all, it's a really decent phone. I've only ever had the "... moreI traded in my free LG K7 for this phone. It obviously did NOT have gorilla glass because when dropped, I caught it with my foot and when it barely touched the ground, the screen cracked. I was leery about the Kyocera since I they are a newer company, but thought "what the heck, I'll be upgrading soon anyway." So far I have been really pleased with the phone as far as durability and dependability and have had it for almost a year. Although I got it for free I geel that it is the best low priced phone on the market.

  • Anonymous

I've had this phone for about a year and even though there are more factory apps then I would like it's pretty decent when running them however when on data or a cruddy wifi network the more apps open the more "bogged" down it will be. Even tho I have like 4 cracks in the screen the waterproof feature still works which is great because I swim and do alot of sports that play rain or shine. 8.5/10 because it is a fairly thick phone and after a while the front camera does get darker.

  • Anonymous

honestly this phone is crap (no hate) but i have a lot of problems with this phone. I had this phone for about a year and the charging port broke off easily and i hadnt do anything to it .


I cant send a video even 30 seconds long via email. Is there a solution to this problem or am I s.o.l.? Also, any suggestions on camera settings? Please respond if knowledgeable!!!!

  • Anonymous

All in all, it's a really decent phone. I've only ever had the "budget" kinds of phones, and this one performed really well up until recently. I've had it about 2 years and it's starting to crap out on me. It jumps 4 hours into the future and then calling doesn't work at all. However, until then, this phone was an absolute dream. It is fast for what I was using it for (social media and texting, mostly), and worked really well as a mobile hotspot even when it only had 1 bar. It feels good in the hand and the touchscreen has been consistently good. The camera isn't the best, but they rarely will be in budget phone, and in the daytime, it was more than acceptable.
It is too old to play pokemon go, which might be a problem.
I think the performance problem might be because the waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof aspects wear down over time. I work with fish tanks, so my phone gets wet a good bit, and I noticed the main breakdowns right after it getting wet, so that is something to keep in mind if that aspect is appealing to you.
I would buy this phone again, especially since they run less than $50 a lot of places now.

  • Anonymous

Not very good.
Can't separate the ringtone and notifications volume = big turn off.
A promised 8 GB of usable storage, but only actually like 3.7 GB.
Also, in general, slow to run and apps crash often.

  • no

AnonD-383642, 07 Apr 2015Can i able to use indian Sim in it? No yu cant

  • Deb

Is there separate volumes for messages and ringtones ??

  • bigcountry95

awesome phone love the feel and look of the hydro life

  • RAA

Hail hydro

  • Anonymous

AnonD-319584, 15 Oct 2014Top notch item here; considering the cost it's a TKO. Copying s... moreHow do you uninstall factory apps?

  • Stonesouls

Great phone so far. Purchased at Metro PCS for $30, great deal. For the price there is really no equivalent. The camera is pretty good under regular lighting situations, not great under low light. Speed of the phone is excellent. I do not think that Cnet did this phone justice.

  • AnonD-383642

Can i able to use indian Sim in it?

  • AnonD-217800

how to unlock for gsm?

  • AnonD-372820

We bought one of these brand new thru MetroPCS. Lots of features and apparent value, until it breaks.
Ours worked for two weeks. Took it back to the big box retailer, they said take it to MetroPCS. At their store, they said we had to send it in to Kyocera for evaluation and repair. "Should take about a week", they said.
Here we are eight weeks later (!) and still with no phone. After I paid to ship it to Texas, they took two weeks to evaluate it. The verdict: "unrepairable" due to no fault of ours, and will be replaced, as soon as they have one in stock! Might be two weeks, might be three weeks....well, it's been three weeks, still no usable phone and no timeframe for receiving one.
In short, stay away from this brand like the plague. Kyocera customer service is stupid slow and unresponsive. I've left three voicemails at corporate 'customer service', but no reply. I can't remember being treated worse by any corporation.

  • Jorge

Joe james, 19 Jan 2015Mine only cost $30 to unlockHi! If i buy one of these phones and then a wanna sell it.. is it illegal that the guy change GSM provider? I mean, i life in Venezuela.. if he/he changes it to movistar by unlocking is okey? I really don't know how metro PCS works!

  • Joe jame

sec, 23 Aug 2014Any one knw its priceLike $40 @ metropcs

  • Joe james

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2014I think on metro pcs you can find it at 29.99 but unlocked it co... moreMine only cost $30 to unlock

  • Anonymous

sec, 23 Aug 2014Any one knw its priceI think on metro pcs you can find it at 29.99 but unlocked it could cost 129.99