Kyocera Hydro Xtrm

Kyocera Hydro Xtrm

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  • ALFRE2
  • LAS
  • 21 Feb 2021

Good afternoon I still have my phone, it is an excellent phone despite its limitations, I have the following problem, I outdated the sofwere and it says that the one I had installed was illegal and I should contact the metro store who knows what I should do and help me please Thank you.

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    • Anonymous
    • Mey
    • 16 Feb 2020

    I absolutely love this phone and am furious that my phone company says it is too old. I finally damaged it beyond repair in February 2020 and am hoping to find a similar one that will accept later versions of browsers. I do wish I could have deleted most of the native apps, though, to free up space for things I actually use. I am hoping I can still find a phone with a removable battery, but it looks like the later versions have a sealed battery which is more wasteful.

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      • Abcd1234
      • g0e
      • 06 Apr 2016

      AnonD-371666, 06 Mar 2015i am glad everytime i drop this phone. its durable. the wi... moreI have the same problems down to the letter its super annoying when you cannot download anything because of how little space you get

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        • Phoneman
        • 3JZ
        • 11 Feb 2016

        This phone, though physically indestructible, is a waste of space. When you speak for long the phone heats up like crazy. Whoever thought you could sell a phone these days with 0.99GB internal memory? Kyocera have lost the plot - correction- didn't have the plot in the first place. High quality (in terms of materials) piece of crap.

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          • joshy joe
          • ksh
          • 10 Oct 2015

          This phone is crap!!!!!!!! But nearly indestructible

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            • LTEwarrior
            • jn6
            • 29 Jul 2015

            This phone is awesome! i've dropped it more than any other phone i have ever had and it's still ticking!

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              • Disappointed
              • 4S{
              • 29 Jul 2015

              just bought this cell phone last 6//2015, battery worn out already,terrible i went to different
              locations store of boost mobile ,no one had battery to sale, so i went to radio shack and best buy none/ nada, they told to try ebay, that means i will not have telephone for weeks. do not know i.f i buy it from e bay

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                • Anonymous
                • jBv
                • 28 Jul 2015

                Anonymous, 29 May 2014This phone's sound technology causes my ear to hurt each ti... moreThis phone sucks the camera is bogus my ear aches when I use it on one side so I have to result in using the speaker which isn't any better phone calls/messages don't come through at times.

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                  • AnonD-393180
                  • Kxa
                  • 26 Jul 2015

                  I like this.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Ibx
                    • 22 Jul 2015

                    Anonymous, 12 Apr 2015Keeps dropping service and going to 2g instead of 4. *pissedKeep dropping from 4g to 2g. Dropping my calls reception becomes choppy. Having to constantly call back because of phone cutting off.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • iV%
                      • 12 Apr 2015

                      Keeps dropping service and going to 2g instead of 4. *pissed

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                        • Anonymous
                        • jBu
                        • 21 Mar 2015

                        I hate this phone I shut off the auto WiFi and it comes back on

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                          • AnonD-371666
                          • Rbq
                          • 06 Mar 2015

                          i am glad everytime i drop this phone. its durable.
                          the wifi antenna is terrible i NEVER USE IT AS A RESULT.
                          call quality & speaker arent great.
                          internzl memory claims too full to do updates even though ive almost no additional aps, & keep most of google aps at factory state.(no update).
                          a few months ago i began to get ghe message not sent notification which takes me to mesages ap, whee all messages are ending fine.

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                            • nlemos
                            • 0a7
                            • 05 Jan 2015

                            I kept getting error messages for google downloads. It kept saying I had no more room, which wasn't so. What I did was to transfer all my pics to my laptop, then copy all the phone numbers, and then reset the phone to factory settings. Voila! fixed! Phone is like new. It's radical in case you have extra apps, but it's the only solution I've found. Be prepared to lose some apps if you have more than what came with the phone. I'm not an expert and have no previous experience, so this is what I did.

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                              • AnonD-342097
                              • s7c
                              • 16 Dec 2014

                              I am going to state that the phone does have a serious internal storage problem for apps. However on all other points I will have to completely disagree with everyone else, as my phone runs smoothly without any problems and was definitely, without question one of the better bang for your buck deals around. Durability of the phone, especially the glass is superior to anything else you can buy, period. (Kyocera has a high end ceramic knife division, no brainer.) I am happy with my Kyocera, same as I was with my last one. (Kyocera Rise) For the record though, my phone is rooted and the action bar soft keys are set to hide, freeing up screen real estate, and even with a lot of apps removed, still app storage is at a very high premium. Overall opinion though, a great phone!

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                                • doe
                                • 4P$
                                • 25 Nov 2014

                                just root your hydro xtrm! (you can do it with an app with out a computer) put a 32g memory card, an app to swap the games and apps frominternal to ext memory and you got it! ahh and if you want more ram there is an app that create a virtual memory so you can get 3.5g of ram! and thrust me works great! is a low bugget phone and every one complaint about it! get $600 phone andthats it!! or just root it and search on google!

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                                  • Joy
                                  • qb%
                                  • 07 Oct 2014

                                  This phone is a waste. They have so many native apps preloaded on the phone you lose your 4G memory almost order to have just a couple of apps downloaded on it, you have to keep uninstalling the updates on all the native apps to the phone. Having an external SD card is pointless, as the phone doesn't allow much to be transferred to the SD card.

                                  In addition to the shit memory on this device, every time I send a text message, I receive the following error message in the notification window: "messages not sent". This happens even though the text goes through without issue. I also get this error message any time I close out of a text thread, even if I didn't send a message. The only time I don't get this error message is when I close the text app from the main's ridiculous.

                                  The phone also behaves as if it is possessed. My apps, especially music, do their own thing. Songs will suddenly change in the middle of a song, or simply pause. I do tech support for a living for mobile devices and this phone has no solutions for its bullshit qualities.

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                                    • fustrated
                                    • Y7d
                                    • 05 Sep 2014

                                    I totally agree stay far away from this phone. Horrible just Horrible. If I manage to get a signal to make a call the calls always drop and you always have a problem hearing the person on the other end. Then the worst is not enough space to download apps. I feel so screwed.

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                                      • AnonD-292443
                                      • 0h0
                                      • 09 Aug 2014

                                      Stay away from this phone. MetroPCS keeps promoting this model in order to get rid of it. I have 16 GB secondary SIM and a few apps, and the freaking phone will not let me install more apps (memory full). even though I unlocked it so it saves data and apps in the secondary SIM. Battery drains quickly, 4 hours. I have had the phone for 3 months. Keeps popping memory full messages.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • Ibx
                                        • 25 Jun 2014

                                        Anonymous, 23 Jun 2014to be honest I have so much errors on this phone that I am ... moreSame thing is happening to me 3rd party on my phone and I have same phone as u.