Kyocera Torque E6710

Kyocera Torque E6710

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  • sam
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  • 20 Feb 2019

Spook, 19 Dec 2018Excellent phone for the time, tho outdated now. Smaller fo... moreno this phone should've never existed. It only lasted less than 2 years since it was so low spec'd. And I wasted my money again to buy the XT version which was the same phone but they added a permanent 16 gig microsd which gave it 20 gigs storage, but was still only 1 gig ram, duo core cpu. So too slow to do any apps. Looking back at the time when the XT came out in 2014 the samsung s5 was available had 2 gigs of ram 16 gigs of storage and quad core cpu which is still usable today. And soon afterwards the higher s6 was available.
If you wanted a rugged phone just get a rugged flip phone from now on.

I also looked the modern version of this phone at the spring store Kyocera DuraForce PRO
its modern spec'd but with 32 gigs storage it is loaded with bloatware and only gives you 16 available when you check the hardware. Once you download your apps very soon you will be full.

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    • Spook
    • NxA
    • 19 Dec 2018

    Excellent phone for the time, tho outdated now. Smaller form factor actually a plus, IMHO. Yes, very rugged - I've dropped it out of my tool bag onto concrete from over 10 ft up, many, many times and it is still fine. I've also dropped it in sludge, in a concrete mixer with the wet concrete (display got a bit hazy after that but still good) , and slimy greasy water -- all with no problems - I just wash it off.

    However... it only works on CDMA networks (primarily USA). For certain I can say it does not work in the UK, Ireland, France, or Germany. Internal memory was OK when I got it years ago, but now I find it limiting. And tho you can add a 32GB MicroSD card because it's an older android o/s, not everything can be moved to the SD card.

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      • Anonymous
      • Ya2
      • 28 Oct 2017

      Corgi, 06 Oct 2015does this phone work in england? i dont really care but i'v... moreno

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        • AnonD-650614
        • Kmb
        • 07 Mar 2017

        A shame! This i love this rugged phones but to be honest i prefer to buy them from China for the prices and liberation (Xio or AGM). The agm in my experience are quite a surprise... only to see if they are as durable as they claim :)

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          • Corgi
          • mXZ
          • 06 Oct 2015

          does this phone work in england? i dont really care but i've spent a hour looking at sodding phones with my "girlfriend" because she dropped it i the toilet! i have to go thorough all these sites to find a phone but am i the one who dropped it in he toilet? no! and yet i get to put through this?!?!?!?!

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            • jaypmcwilliams
            • 8Yi
            • 13 Apr 2015

            NO! It can NOT be used on GSM network. The SIM card is a secondary authorization to the CDMA network. STUPID IDEA!!!!!

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              • Torque User
              • Y9C
              • 22 May 2014

              indonesian, 02 Mar 2013too bad, its cdma not gsm network..It is CDMA but may also work with GSM (has a mini sim card slot)

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                • dan
                • TfX
                • 26 Jun 2013

                the only thing that sucks is that u cant use it outside US because its using a non removable sim. crap. if that can be use intern'l that will be awsome

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                  • kiwa
                  • sEK
                  • 13 Jun 2013

                  whether this phone could use another cdma card ????

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                    • indonesian
                    • XMi
                    • 02 Mar 2013

                    too bad, its cdma not gsm network..

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                      • kwisatz
                      • spk
                      • 25 Feb 2013

                      Why US and japanese phone operators have the most interesting handsets in the world?

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                        • anunumus
                        • t7G
                        • 05 Feb 2013

                        wow..superb phone... is that made for really 4 wars.. amazing....

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                          • AnonD-96412
                          • dMC
                          • 03 Feb 2013

                          it's specially made for wars

                            Nokia C7, is that you?

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                              • vuvuvkklk
                              • U{H
                              • 29 Jan 2013

                              my 1st phone was from kyocera hurrah . kyocera known for tough phones

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                                • AnonD-78963
                                • 6wY
                                • 29 Jan 2013

                                unique, 28 Jan 2013I should rate it 9 stars for feature the missing star for t... morehey men I think 5mp camera is good !
                                good device

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                                  • unique
                                  • Ntw
                                  • 28 Jan 2013

                                  I should rate it 9 stars for feature the missing star for the camera cause its important in imaging military objectives :-)