LastPass announces family subscription plan

Prasad, 19 July 2017

Popular password manager LastPass has announced a family subscription plan. With this, users will be able to make a 6 person group and share all the information between them.

With the family plan, users can share all their passwords and other information store in their LastPass account within that group of people. You can create unlimited folders to store all your information. You can also give emergency access to a family member so you are never locked out of your account. One person manages the account and can add or remove other members and managers.

LastPass Families will be available for purchase later this summer. LastPass users can sign up for an early preview right now.

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Reader comments


Cause people may find it inconvenient using external hard drives or often lose their USB drives.

  • Anonymous

this is what's happening now like cloud storages, we pay them while letting them see all our private files. I don't understand why many people don't realize that.

  • O.G

Very good initiative for people who have the tendency to forget password and who wants to share it with people who they can trust.