Latest Firefox for Android update enables DRM streaming

Yordan, 02 February 2021

Mozilla has pushed new updates for its Firefox browser on PC and Android, and the mobile version has a cool feature making a comeback - enabling DRM stream support through compatibility for Widevine. The new version 85 also allows you to install extensions and add-ons and brings security updates and various patches.

Firefox 85 screenshots Firefox 85 screenshots
Firefox 85 screenshots

If you are trying to play DRM-protected content on websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu you will receive a prompt to allow it constantly, block, or be asked every time.

However, the browser supports streaming up to 720p, meaning anything higher will be downgraded and people that pay for higher tiers might not be satisfied with the end result.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Will it work on non-L1-Widevine devices? 720p would still be better than 560p that's available on L3 devices, so it could be a nice, free upgrade for cheap chinese tablets.

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