Latest Honor Magic 3 Pro+ video highlights craftsmanship

Michail, 19 August 2021

Honor’s Magic3 series was announced last week and includes three phones with the Magic3 Pro+ headlining the specs and build department. Earlier today, Honor went ahead and released a video detailing the premium build of its latest flagship

It all starts with the nanocrystalline glass used in the phone’s display which is tempered and molded. The glass panel is then durability testes so it’s ensured to survive drops from arm's length. The ceramic material used in the phone’s back is also a key talking point in the video with a process that takes 23 days from start to finish. The rest of the video gives us an overview of the phone’s design and quad cameras.

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'The IMAX partnership brings cinematic video recording capabilities supporting LOG format which will make improvements in image quality and greater flexibility in post-production editing. The phones also support eight 3D LUT color grading profil...

i know, I was talking about the magic 3/pro to emphasise that the IMAX certification might be nothing special

Magic 3 Pro+ has IMX700, a 1/1.28 inch sensor.

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