Latest nubia Red Magic 5G teaser video sums up key features day before annoucement

Michail, 11 March 2020

The nubia Red Magic 5G is all set to debut tomorrow and the latest teaser shared by the company’s official Weibo page summarizes the gaming phone’s key features. The first point of emphasis is the Red Magic 5G’s 144Hz refresh rate display, followed by a snippet for the 55W fast charging, which is also compliant with the Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (PPS) protocol. Next up we get a brief look at the 4,500 mAh battery as well as a reminder about the phone’s active cooling solution with its own spinning fan.

We can also spot the phone's new low latency screencasting feature but without any details as to how it functions.

Nubia’s GM Ni Fei also took to Weibo to tease the benefits of the phone's 144Hz refresh rate screen in a spate short video. The 10-second clip shows the advantages of the 144Hz panel compared to a 90Hz one while playing Real Racing 3. Fei mentioned that this is just a pre-production test but the output from the 144Hz panel is noticeably smoother. We’ll have to see how it holds up in reality and if developers will be ready to support this type of display on their games.

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  • Anonymous

A gaming phone without USB-C to HDMI support is a joke, wireless display is pointless for gaming, it will always have more latency than direct wired USB-C to HDMI but needs USB 3 support, please check if it finally supports it @gsmarena, thank you :)

So it’s sounds like you’re only going to buy one?

I know right, the difference is instantly noticeable even at a 90hz display. Not even talking about 120hz/144hz. It's heaven on earth

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