Lava Iris 465

Lava Iris 465

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  • ak kr yadav
  • rJU
  • 11 Aug 2015

Wow what a mobile it's my first android mobile
Battery backup is very good
Camera is like 5mp
Look is so good
So you should buy it

    • s
    • samir
    • U$0
    • 20 Jul 2015

    i like mobail is very good battery backup sameer

      • r
      • rahul kumar
      • rAW
      • 13 Jun 2015

      bateery bacup bad hiting problem

        • s
        • sib
        • t1$
        • 25 May 2015

        features of this phone not bad,but the camera is very bad. it not like 3.2mp it like VGA.

          • H
          • Hemanthkumar (Bosa)
          • RK0
          • 22 Apr 2015

          Its good phone Poor Family Its Use

            • s
            • san
            • Hkt
            • 08 Apr 2015

            l want to buy this phone pl your opinion

              • D
              • AnonD-382454
              • Hkq
              • 04 Apr 2015

              A nice phone bt not support hard reset

                • D
                • AnonD-277185
                • 6qg
                • 26 Feb 2015

                Cute new phone that I got for valentines day recently form my cute new girlfran. So I likes this phones a lot easy to use and smart phone. Vary gud lukin so no probs becoz I am also vary gud lukin.. so what is cookin? JK XD..!! if wanting new phones than this is good ones for purchasing otherwise go don’t buy.

                  • D
                  • AnonD-277271
                  • 6qg
                  • 26 Feb 2015

                  Dayum, nice! I finally have a kitkat phone in my pocket. It has a 1.3 Ghz Dual Core processer which is super duper fast and makes sure that all my apps and games open quickly without any hassles being created. The external SD card also allows memory expansion till 32 GB which is good also. But camera is not very impression at all.

                    • T
                    • Thiyagu
                    • XuZ
                    • 23 Feb 2015

                    1) More features
                    2) Games like candy crush - no lags
                    3) Installation on external SD card

                    1) Camera is not impressive. But Ok with daylight times.