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Lava Pixel V1

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  • AnonD-275580

Can't wait to buy LAVA Pixel V1 as soon as it hits the market. Regular updated for the next 2 years means no more checking and waiting for it. No more lags and no more looking for space in the phone to download apps. Battery backup is also pretty good.

  • AnonD-276971

I feel that LAVA Pixel V1 is gonna be a hit!! It provides you with the pure Android experience being a Google phone along with the guaranteed update for the next 2 years!! Even the battery is good enough to last an entire day with just one charge. The most attractive feature according to me is the 32GB internal memory which is not there in any other phone. The 13MP rear camera and the 8MP front camera makes it a complete package.

  • AnonD-422464

Why the Old chipset?? Poor battery capacity.
. it would be much better if it at least reach 3000 mah. High price in this categories of specification

  • AnonD-422440

I am big fan of LAVA phones and now it is launching a new phone- Lava Pixel V1- Android one. I am really excited to buy this as this phone has got amazing features like guaranteed upgrades to latest Android for 2 years by Google and their self-developed Android One software will ensure that your phone never hangs.

  • AnonD-422433

My mom wants a phone that is user friendly and does not hang. I just read the features of Lava Pixel V1- Android one which is going to launch end of July. It is perfect for my mom. Unlike her previous Sony Xperia C3 is going to be easy to handle for her and she wouldn't have to wait for the updates.

  • AnonD-422429

I just read some of the features of Lava Pixel V1- Android one, and trust me the phone is simply going to rock. I am gonna buy this for it looks and camera quality as soon as it is available and also of course cuz of its unbeatable feature of never hanging up.

  • jithin babu

Lenovo k3

  • AnonD-344376

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2015not at all a good deal... no lte, 32 bit, low chipset, low ppi ... moreI don't agree... maybe on paper it doesn't seem so appealing to you but check out a piece at a shop near you... its soo classyyy

  • UNIT

i have used lava x9, really lava is upcoming like brand.
hardware quality is good, looks good, work very well even in game. somewhere cpu is lacking. but it did not effect much.

  • Anonymous

not at all a good deal...
no lte, 32 bit, low chipset, low ppi density. quad core. over priced.
lenovo k3 note is far better than this.
should have priced within 9k.

  • AnonD-344376

AnonD-343077, 27 Jul 2015No 4g, old processor, battery on lower side. ...battery used is a Li-Polymer battery. Much better than lower quality Li-Ion batteries used by other brands

  • AnonD-344376

AnonD-422151, 27 Jul 2015Pros - 32Gb Internal - Android M Upgradable Cons -... moreKarn dude, agreed that 4G wave is coming in but currently the consumers need stable 3G devices... and I feel this is gonna prove as one perfect affordable 3G device

  • AnonD-344376

AnonD-422158, 27 Jul 2015Why Lava why!? Why why why. . ? I was expecting a gyroscope and ... moreSee dude the Google Maps and Navigation will work on Pixel V1! Google must have tested the hardware also.. they won't just release it like that

  • AnonD-344376

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2015Gyroscope and Compass is missing.. Even the Google Map and Navig... morei dont think its gonna be bad for travellers as Google Maps and Navigation will work just fine!

  • AnonD-344376

Oh Ho! I thnk Google went with ths chipset cauz it prooved to be gud... it can even push upgrades in cmn 2 years..

  • AnonD-422309

CPU & GPU of Lava Pixel V1 Android One 2nd Gen is same as CPU & GPU of Karbon sparkle V (price = Rs 4000 to Rs 4500).

total waste of money at 11,349.

  • AnonD-412290

Seriously Google? Almost same chipset with first gen? Only bigger resolution and camera? Mali400mp2? Ooh no, I'll stick with my Android one first gen

  • Anonymous

no 4g??

  • gs

PHLOVE, 27 Jul 2015is it coming to philippines ?Useless phone, overpriced , go for yureka plus.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2015Gyroscope and Compass is missing.. Even the Google Map and Navig... moreAlmost every Android phone has it, it is almost like Google Nexus 6. Don't worry it's a good phone with many features that you would love. I say best phone for the price with latest updates.