Lava Z1

Lava Z1

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  • Akash Roy

Minu, 02 Jul 2021I'm happy that this phone doesn't have a skinny t... moreAgreed.
I also like phones within average display, like within 4.5" - 5.5" range. Large display phones are difficult to handle.

I'm happy that this phone doesn't have a skinny tall giraffe display like most modern phones! Very practical as well

  • Chyrp

666, 30 Mar 20215mp camera?even an iPhone 5s use the 8mp camera...It looks like it's older, so it's fair.

has removable battery.
dedicated memory slot(may be up to 256, I'm using 64)
front flash

5mp camera?even an iPhone 5s use the 8mp camera...

  • Karthik

I purchased this phone on Amazon 2 weeks before only. Phone is good performance is above average. It has Expandable storage. Also the stock android they is not purely stock version but has all the stock version features which mean 95% of function is stock OS. Battery backup 3000mah stands more than 1 day with LTE.

1 drawback on my phone is proximity sensor stopped working. Reported to amazon and technician visited and replied for refund in 2 days. But still the phone is not taken back by Amazon service.

  • Anonymous

I think it has expandable memory upto 256 gb, i saw it on flipkart

Helio A20 with 2GB RAM?? This has to be THE BEST ₹4999 ($68) Smartphone. Also it runs android go so the performance should be smooth.