Lava Z60

Lava Z60

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  • Sergio Albania

Lee, 30 Mar 2019Can't play free fire ;WCC games really bad mobile I seenYes , we can't play free fire with 1 gb ram phone ;D

  • Lee

Can't play free fire ;WCC games really bad mobile I seen

  • komu

its worst mobile screen is bad
dont buy thia mobile

  • 123gang

Lava company the worst mobile company ....I must say...I have z61 ....which is like a tortoise when it came to big 1 gb didn't support any popular slow in operation....touch is not sensitive....and many more...

  • Nikita

I didn't get the notifications properly

  • Sanju

My lava z60 model no my mobile automatically switch off during incoming call,what is the defect?? Somebody can solve my problem!!!😥😥&#128549­;😥

  • Chachu

It is a very bad mobile phoneZ60, Plz don't buy this mobile. It's lot of complaints are there, charging problem battery complaints., software complaints, charing slot problems touch complaints The Lava Company also irresponsible. The company given to two years warenty but the company do not maintained the complaints. so plz don't buy the lava mobiles

  • Yashas

Yashas, 05 May 2018It costs as per it charge at money only thing that charging is s... moreMain problem battery life not good and heats too much while using. fix the bug

  • mithu

spk problem

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2018charging in very slow Lava z60 is not a good mobile because always be charging problem

  • Krms

Main prblm is battery. And it slightly heat while we use net and games. My feeling is too bad to bought this mobile. This mobile is good for 5500rs. With so many features

  • Anonymous

charging in very slow

  • Himanshu jain

Very angry with lava service center and company policy also please Friends don't purchased any lava mobile phone
Because it give 2 year warranty but didn't given good service and say badly in customers and not repaired my lava z-60 phone so please don't purchased any lava mobile

  • Dimple kumar

after sale service of lava company is very poor. they demand the charges ignoring your warranty period. so please don't buy lava mobiles in future thanks


tuch problm and battery backup

  • Yusuf Colombowala

I had a problem with my handset just after purchase of Z60 within 10days.My son had gifted to his father on FATHER DAY N became blank.then i wrote a complain n gave the handset to authorised service centre (TECH MOBILE SERVICE UP) at ghatkopar west they attended with due respect n told me it will be ready within 3 working days n it was a gentlemen word n in mean time i recd phone from lava office that your handset is ready u may go collect the same.They have repaired the handset without any charges n its working properly. As a customer i was happy n satisfied after sales service.THANKS

  • Samson

Good phone considering the price.It is not possible to get all features for 5500 Rs. Slight heating while using net and playing game continuously and Speaker sound is very less but It doesn't matter considering the price.

  • Vishal Gupta

I have the worst mobile phone in the world, its name is Z60

  • Sam

Speaker sound is very less. Slight heating while using net. Good one considering prize

  • Ashwini

I have at least 10 mobiles of different brands, I try this time an Indian make mobile "LAVA Z60" shopkeeper told me that LAVA Z60 is one of the good phone with 2yrs warranty, I convinced and bought and my life's biggest mistake. The basic job of phone is to communicate , this phone have so less sound that if you are 2 meters away in a room with normal noise you can not here the sound of ringtone and clear voice when you talked, after talking to company and service center they said this phone have this much sound only and There is no solution in co. So I am talking back it from service center as it is no use to me.
Any one want to buy this brand new phone I am selling it im 3000/-rs.