Leak showcases Xiaomi’s new haptic feedback system for MIUI 12.5

Michail, 27 January 2021

Xiaomi’s MIUI 12.5 has an overhauled haptic feedback setup that was not detailed at the announcement back in December. A new leak courtesy of the Xiaomiui Telegram group reveals several screenshots and a video demo of the new Natural touch haptic feedback system. According to XDA Developers, Xiaomi’s Natural touch haptics are already live in the Chinese build of MIUI 12.5 but it’s still not enabled on the global ROM.

Natural touch haptics menus Natural touch haptics menus Natural touch haptics menus Natural touch haptics menus Natural touch haptics menus
Natural touch haptics menus

Based on the description within the leaked menus, Natural touch will give users more realistic feedback on their touches, swipes and gestures with varying intensity based on the preset. It includes four types of feedback types with Crisp, Base, Pop and Realistic touch presets. Crisp will give out high frequency feedback which you’ll feel when moving icons on the home screen, copying text and controlling the volume.

Base vibration will be triggered for swipe gestures while Pop haptic feedback is reserved when you open context menus. Realistic touch will be triggered when you unlock your device, access the power button or interact with notifications.

We’re still not quite sure how much more different Natural touch haptics will be compared to current versions.

The new leak also provides a video that tries to simulate the four haptic types with billiard balls, dominos, arrows and confetti.

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 08 Feb 2021
  • IV{

Less features equal lighter. But I agree. Am also dunno how stock android worked. I've experienced MIUI, Realme UI and One UI only

  • AnonD-973296
  • 29 Jan 2021
  • GYi

i am sure it is smooth and great to use on a xiaomi phone, i just hate the way it looks, too cartoony. if u love it then i respect that

  • MTJ
  • 29 Jan 2021
  • 8vA

Well.I wouldnt call it the best..updates are not regular...alot of stutters,inconsistent performance...but yeah,it has nice features

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