Huawei P20 video teases slow-mo recording

Peter, 19 March 2018

It seems that the Huawei P20 Pro camera will join the slow-mo competition as this teaser reveals. It shows a guy doing a backflip and time slows down to a crawl as the three circles appear – you know, Huawei’s constant reminder of the triple camera on its upcoming flagship.

Unfortunately, the teaser doesn’t say anything about frame rate or resolution. Now, if we were Isaac Newton, we could probably make a guess. But since we’re not, we’ll just say that the Mate 10 (which uses the same chipset as the P20) can shoot 1080p @ 120fps video.

Note that only the Pro model will have a triple camera – you can see it here. Technically, this is unrelated to slow-mo shooting, but that doesn’t mean that Huawei won’t keep it exclusive to the its pricier model.



Reader comments

  • AnonD-734695

Everyone started copying from Sony.... I think coming days everyone will try to give this type of cameras

  • AnonD-746124

When sony win, how much they earn compare to Samsung and Apple ? :l

  • AnonD-743777

When sony make super slow mo, and........ Everyone start to copycopycopycopy..... Hahahahahahaha, sony WIN