Leaked LG teaser pic shows new Optimus, could it be the Nexus 3?

06 June, 2011

A new LG teaser pic shows a mysterious Optimus device - the same as the recently leaked photo of the next Google Nexus. The best part is this info reportedly comes from a source within LG and should be reliable.

Remember the leaked Nexus 3 picture? As the rumor has it, it is supposed to be either LG or HTC built. Today's Optimus leak suggests it will be LG's.

New LG Optimus and possibly the next Google Nexus

There is nothing beside those leaked pictures, but we think it's a good start. HTC is manufacturer behind the Nexus One, Samsung made the Nexus S and it seems now is LG's turn to bring us the Nexus 3.

The Nexus 3 leaked image

Reportedly, the picture is posted on a forum by an LG employee, so this sounds quite reliable. So, LG, it's your turn. Let's hope you won’t let Google down on this job.

Thanks, AdrianPWT



Reader comments

  • azee

nah...it would b samsung manufacturing nexus 3...though i am an LG fan.... only samsung has the super amoled super HD screen...so most probably nexus 3 belongs to SAMSUNG

  • Anonymous

what would u think dude lg is better

  • Iggy

Wrong. I have 4" (i9000) and it's not enough. I think 5.25" would be optimal and it could fit into any pocket, but I don't like 16:9 aspect, I would prefer 1.4142:1 (standard for paper formats).