Leaked Pixel 4 ad focuses on hand gestures and Google Assistant, not the tele camera

Peter, 09 September 2019

An ad for the Pixel 4 has leaked and it shows what it means for a phone to be designed “the Google way”. It seems that Google doesn’t want you touching your phone to use it – not when you have Project Soli’s hand gestures and the voice commands of the revamped Assistant. That’s the first half of the ad.

The second half is about the camera. You can see the new triple cam on the back of the white Pixel 4, but interestingly the ad focuses on the low-light performance – something Google aced a couple of years ago.

There’s no mention of the new telephoto camera. There’s nothing on the 90Hz screen either. Those are expected to be the two major upgrades this year, which will make the Pixels more competitive with other flagships. Unless people are actually excited about hand gestures.

Did you notice that the white Pixel will have black sides? That wasn’t obvious in the leaked photos. Combined with the black camera island on the back, this is a sort of reimagining of the Panda color option.

Anyway, previously Google teased Motion Sense – the hand gestures enabled by Soli – as well as the improved face unlock with a structured light 3D scanner. As for Google Assistant, the Ambient Mode promises to enable smart speaker-like funcitonality.

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I know it very well because I used to have all Pixel smartphone models. Still use Pixel 3 by the way. I just think that great software isn't enough to justify Google's greediness and damn high price tag. If you charge $1000 for a smartphone please be...

  • Anonymous

For me, it is the wear and tear that makes it a pain. My Pixel 2xl has to have a wire in to charge. Then it sits doing little while I sleep. Once I work, I commute to work and have to plug in the same port to play music through my stereo. I may also ...

Well, when I use gestures, I wipe upwards from the bottom, but if I do it close to the corners, instead of the gesture taking effect, I get the google assistant pop-up, and if I disable the google assistant, it still appears, but with the message to ...

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