LeEco Le Pro 3 AI Edition

LeEco Le Pro 3 AI Edition

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  • Manuel

I have own this phone for over a year without an issue. Though the screen seems to be failing and i have to restart it to make it work. I cant find the battery replacement of my particular model X653. Its a good phone but since Leeco changes models so often i wouldnt buy it unless i buy all the parts separately to have an spair screen, battery and flex.

I wanna get mine I need advice to get it or not

  • M890

Please help
I can't find usb port flex for my phone
Please get me link for buy this

  • naldi

I have been using this phone for a year and it works just fine. But now the screen has started showing some problem, it gets burn in when you play games for long even though its an Lcd but then it recovers completely. Its strange

  • Micky Nosocks

Phone has everything i wanted except waterproof and NFC. Got the dual sim version and outgoing texts dont work with AT&T network. Also dont receive some of the group texts from iphone users. AT&T says the IMEI number is "unknown" status. Tried switching to every IMEI from every current and old phone I could find but nothing worked. Dont seem to be having problems with my non-AT&T sim cards so i think this is an AT&T problem. Basically, if you are AT&T customer, then this phone will not text properly.

  • Nobody

sunnymaxx1, 24 Jul 2018nice am on it already just got mine How to install pixel g cam mod?

  • Ayoub

sunnymaxx1, 24 Jul 2018nice am on it already just got mine Can You Give Me The Link

AnonD-709337, 20 Jan 2018With the Pixel G Cam Mod installed, the camera is absolutely amazingnice am on it already just got mine

  • Michael

rekit, 03 Jul 2018It has NFC, but it won't work on chinese version of EUImy X653 has no NFC. Please help me, if you know how, to activate NFC. Thank you.

  • nick

leeco was once next big thing

owner got greedy and went shortcut

  • Ajs


  • rekit

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2018Does it have NFC? Please, does anyone know it? it is stated ... moreIt has NFC, but it won't work on chinese version of EUI

honestly, leeco produce good smartphone.
the market expanding decision is a bad decision, it's too soon.
i hope they can make it out and produce smartphone again,

  • Anonymous

Does it have NFC?

Please, does anyone know it?
it is stated that it has NFC but not in the user manual
a friend bought it but not found there

any suggestion?

  • Anonymous

Been using it for a week. Everythings good. But wow that battery drains too fast for a 4000mah. Fully charge on 5am. Using it for youtube and google heavily and the battery hit 20% by 2.30pm.

But its fast charging, so yeah..

  • Anonymous

Just worth noting, these phones are epic for sustainability. I have the LeEco LePro 3 since Nov 2016 and despite MANY arguments with floors, walls, roads etc there is nothing but a couple of scratches on it!! I love it,

Looking to gradeup now so I'm wondering if anyone has a simple review on the basics, I use it for social media, phone, text and you tube videos, camera etc. Are these aspects roughly the same?

  • elieyou

sotiris, 18 Apr 2018i have the phone. If yoy look again the price you will see that ... morestill on android 6?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-750113, 06 Apr 2018Very nice phone except for the draining battery. I am a heavy us... moreCan you get a full day of use out of it?

  • sotiris

i have the phone. If yoy look again the price you will see that there is no other phone like this. Usb-c support cdla ,and if you connect the original leeco headphones ,the sound is pretty good. So if you dont like to smebody ok give 800 euros more and bauy summy

  • le pro 3 ai

overall phone is good with antutu benchmark up to 110k.
price is absolutely cheap compared to others phone with same specs.
Charging with type j cable heating up battery to 36c. With usb charge, heat stays at 26c.
Letv software I believed is dead and stop supporting this phone but good to stay with android 6. Alternate choice is to flash it with better android rom.
Warranty on hardware given is only 3 months and 1 year for software. Phone shops are still not confident with china AP set so is just a matter of time to prove its reliability in future.
2 issues I observed will happened to everyone and solutions I happily shared below.
1. GPS doesn't detect locations. What you need to do is to open up the compass apps and calibrate GPS. Swing your phone to left, right and round with S shape and etc until it satisfies the conditions.
2. Screen overlay permission issues. After new apps are installed, you will be prompted with this msg and unable to set the permission for the new apps.
This is because the Swipe shortcuts is enabled and it disallowed permission to other apps.
Since this is developed by Leeco and the Swipe shortcuts are not in the "Draw over other apps" Setting the only things you can do is to disable the Swipe shortcuts and then Install New Apps , Set the permission then reenable the swipe shortcuts if you think you need it.
Settings -> Accessibility -> Swipe shortcuts