Lenovo A1000

Lenovo A1000

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  • Anjalin

That was super mini phone for connectivity...Easy to use for busy people in always out works.👍

  • Guest 20190503

Long lasting battery if don't play games. Small screen 4 inch. Compact size easy to carry around. But camera is hopeless without auto-focus. Good as a back-up phone. GPS is slow.

  • Kanna

It's a good phone if you want something that works, you can't ask him a lot, but it's a fully funtional cellphone

  • raymond

no stress in Net.. its very 👍👍👍

  • Just user

Worst smart phone I ever had..... Freezing all the time, suddenly turned off, battery drain so fast, very bad camera, and only have 3g connection, it's just money waste!!!

  • user_

This phone is awesome. Only Camera is not good but overall its classic in working

  • Treywey

Guys, this phone is unbreakable. It is rock solid. I had it few years ago and it's still working, you can browse in the Net with no issues. Yes the camera is bad, bud the overall quality is tremendous for the price that you're paying. I dropped it more than hundred times, the results - only few scratches. Unbreakable phone!

  • Anonymous

Andro, 31 Oct 2018It is one of best in worst phones Camera quality worst ,intern... moreDid you see the price no other brand sell at this price

  • Andro

Sunil, 07 Oct 2015Wow very gud phone at this price excellent battery back camera i... moreIt is one of best in worst phones
Camera quality worst ,internet speed worst,
Slow process, hang st every time of usage
Sound quality worst never buy this

  • Guest20181031

AnonD-727996, 02 Jan 2018My Lenovo A1000 doesn't have Lenovo logo on frontside, it's only... moreNeither mine has a front logo, just a back logo. Look inside, and you will see: "Made For Lenovo". Obviously made in China, by an OEM "for" Lenovo but the built quality is generally good, however the camera is amateurish and no autofocus, in fact, horrendeous. Screen looks good in dark but in sunlight you got to strain your eyes a little. Little issue with hanging although some batteries gave heating problems, it was the battery's fault. Being using for almost 3 years, GPS not as fast, and if you have too many apps running, it gets extremely slow. All in all, for the budget price, it was worth it's money.

  • magayisa

my phone can not connect to wifi. what must I do fo it to connect?

  • vessto

My first smartphone and meeting with Android in general. I rooted mine and used Force2SD to move on SC card. Then I tried Apps2SD but I did some risk with settings and got android.ancore error. Now I use it for games only. What I don't like in it is that it doesn't support USB and I when I need to put thing inside I must connect it to PC instead to flash drive.

  • Tiger bhai

Best phone using from past 6 month wifi network not working properly if want mobile for using wifi buy vivo phones high performance

  • Ankn

AnonD-741680, 02 Mar 2018Bought this in 2006 for RM199. Still works perfectly to this day. 2006??? This phone released in 2015.

  • Erick

The most useless phone ever manufactured in this world. Freezes all the time, battery worst than ever. Don't waste your good money on this phone please.

  • AnonD-603993

Good phone i wich the display is brighter
And i want to see new updates

  • AnonD-754190

How to find hospot connected device. There is no option to see connected device

  • Anonymous

It's a low grade phone.
Slow, sometimes it freezes and reboots, battery drains fast.
Gps is horrible and cannot be used as navigator because it always losts signal. Even calling an uber is tricky because gps location is imprecise.

  • pk

Good one still working fine with proper battery backup...but its a GSM 3g only...

  • MGT

AnonD-727996, 02 Jan 2018My Lenovo A1000 doesn't have Lenovo logo on frontside, it's only... moreYes