Lenovo A269i

Lenovo A269i

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  • KAC
  • fFA
  • 15 Jun 2021

didnt remember when i bought it, but honestly best phone i had till i smashed it cause it alarm disturbed my cozy morning.it still operate though, just broke the LCD. and now i eagerly to find the spare part for it LCD .

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    • Abhinav Vashisht
    • vGa
    • 01 Apr 2019

    I am writing this review on 01st March, 2019. For the backstory, I bought this phone when I started my graduation on 03rd August, 2014. The phone has been with me in winters, summers, rains and springs. The best thing is the built. It literally is made out of metal. Its tough as nails for a phone. I have dropped it more than I can count.

    I used it consecutively for 03 years before switching to a Vivo V5s which I have been using for 1.5 years along with it. I use this only for calling now for my business but it has been my best buddy. From starting my graduation to the point where I earn the equivalent of my 03 year graduation fee in a month!

    Thanks Lenovo!

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      • ayiennnik8708
      • tZ4
      • 29 Dec 2018

      AnonD-463147, 07 Nov 2015I am using the phone.it supports whatsapp.I want download whatapps for android mobile

        • K
        • Kenny
        • fuk
        • 21 Nov 2017

        Its bull shit man youtube internet play store noting is working its just bull shit man i just hate this phone worst phone ever never buy lenovo phone ever:-@

          • K
          • Kenny
          • fuk
          • 03 Nov 2017

          125 mb only no bluetooth

            • Y
            • Yoj
            • sxr
            • 19 Sep 2017

            How to fix if it gets wet.

              • r
              • rony singh
              • bJh
              • 03 Aug 2017

              whatapp app not work.
              error of parsing the package.

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                • abdul
                • fC{
                • 26 May 2017

                Hi im using lenovo A269i.this phone is affected by root module virus.so its too hanging and very slow.and its not supporting some high version apps.so how can I remove that virus.im using for four years till now touch is excellent and good battery power remaining for few hours.but low ram.some cannot be move to sd card.

                  • S
                  • Sandeep Kumar
                  • f}v
                  • 29 Apr 2017

                  Hi my phone is Lenovo a269i after hard reset my dialer and contacts are not working.
                  after installing a dialer and contacts app I can't save contacts plzz help me

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                    • AnonD-661854
                    • 9Jm
                    • 15 Apr 2017

                    My Country abolished the 2G Network. Now not able to use.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • t@J
                      • 08 Dec 2016

                      I have a little question.
                      My lenovo a269i is running fine.
                      But there is only 1 problem...
                      After using the phone for a while when the temperature is getting a bit higher, the phone is losing network signal(tower).
                      How can I solve this problem?

                        • D
                        • Douglas kashweka
                        • gu3
                        • 07 Dec 2016

                        arifin, 11 Nov 2016My phone A269i doesn't have bluetooth.when I switch off and... moreMy pbone it swtitched off its self runing four mouths now

                          • a
                          • arifin
                          • upu
                          • 11 Nov 2016

                          When I hard reset my lenovo a269i after not showing lenovo who's ths do

                            • a
                            • arifin
                            • upu
                            • 11 Nov 2016

                            My phone A269i doesn't have bluetooth.when I switch off and on.it showing lenovo only,not showing lenovo thos, its mean old software. Somebody help me

                              • b
                              • bebsko
                              • vx6
                              • 06 Sep 2016

                              bombomyu, 16 Aug 2016when i start my a269i showing on the screen "lenovo for th... moretry to hard reset your phone
                              press and hold the power lock key at the same time the upper volume key and when the lights up appear release it
                              when you see there wipe/data factory reset use the down key to choose this option and us the unlock key to select
                              and after that theres a word appear data reset? just use the down key to choose yes using the unlock key to select after that your phone will be on reboot just wait for a few minutes then use the unlock key to reboot your phone

                              note : if you use this steps make sure that the phone has no sim card inside because all the personal information will be deleted.

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                                • bombomyu
                                • sxt
                                • 16 Aug 2016

                                when i start my a269i showing on the screen "lenovo for thse who do" hangup unable to open my phone anymre pls help me to fix my phone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • KsY
                                  • 04 Aug 2016

                                  Mine doesn't have radio...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • NuU
                                    • 12 Jul 2016

                                    appu, 23 Nov 2014Its a very shit phone.I cant download too much apps and ga... moreSd card port not working properly

                                      • B
                                      • B.S.N.SHARMA
                                      • 9E1
                                      • 27 Jun 2016

                                      my lenova mobile a269i is not functioning.starting problem unable to open

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                                        • rhed
                                        • PT}
                                        • 01 Jun 2016

                                        Sae, 19 Nov 2015I put a lock pattern on my phone....which I forgot and can'... moreHard reset