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Lenovo A516

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  • AnonD-42993

1. Press the APP drawer to reveal all apps.
2. Look for the Gear Icon(Settings).
3. Scroll down and look for the Capital "A" icon(language and input).
4. Tap the first select from the menu, that is the language menu.
5. Look for English it should be the second option below Arabic.

  • Anonymous

how to change the language from arabic to english? thanks.

  • kumar

sir how to save message in drafts

  • affiqq

jebOwn, 01 Feb 2014have tried the app manager III...??? app manager lll doesnt work....anything else???huhu..help me..plizz

  • Raj

Hi gys

I want to brought this phone but i am confused because it`s has only 512mb ram. please give me advice for this phone is better or some other if yes then please tell me this range price .....?

  • Anonymous

shaji, 29 Jan 2014I inserted sim card. after that langauge changed to arabic. how ... moreYou got better learn Arabic.

  • geo

the phone were slow and always stuck. its annoyed much.

  • Anonymous

blaze2338, 01 Jan 2014Here is the Link on how to partition your SD Card. http://forum.... moreThe ROM manager does not support the fone model lenovo a516 :( reply plss..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-218699, 27 Dec 2013Sir. How can i partition my sd card? Can you please give the lin... moreSame here..I want to know how to make a partition in lenovo a516..tnx

  • ahiihi

Where can I get CWM??coz the cwm I DL is not compatible with my fone..reply plss..

  • jebOwn

affiqq, 27 Jan 2014Many app2sd is not compatible..plis..have tried the app manager III...???

  • Anonymous

too many bad experiences..having a second thought of buying this phone...

  • Anonymous

hafiz, 26 Jan 2014Pls install app2sd(app manager) to trf at sd card.wath is trf ?

  • Anonymous

salve, 31 Jan 2014i did the steps to change the keyboard setting but my keypad sti... moreim waiting for your reply.pls tell me how to change keypad after doing your instructions

  • salve

AnonD-213254, 08 Dec 2013Good Day The step to change keyboard settings as per below ... morei did the steps to change the keyboard setting but my keypad still looks like querty.I want to return it to its original keypad that has 3 letters in 1 box

  • unknwn

hw to move the apps to sd card?? and hw to turn off the predictive text??

  • Anonymous

where ca i find auto correct.., thanks

  • Anonymous

The only thing that bothers me about this phone is the ram,
So did any of you guys solve this problem maybe by rooting.? Ram expanding? Over clocking? Fell free to share the knowledge and help us

  • Anonymous

I own this phone but sometimes am having a problem of losing network until I switch it off/on. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem or its a factory fault. Otherwise its a user interface friendly device

  • grace

how can i move installed apps in my sd card from this phone ???