Lenovo A536

Lenovo A536

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  • Dodi
  • JEE
  • 22 Nov 2023

Where is flash button..??

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    • Chipx
    • ns8
    • 27 Sep 2023

    Herrasmtih, 25 Oct 2022Can someone knows why some of apps are not working? Special... morefacebook and messenger work with both factory and modified rom...

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      • Abdi
      • tx0
      • 27 Oct 2022

      Herrasmtih, 25 Oct 2022Can someone knows why some of apps are not working? Special... moreMaybe because this phone is already out of date

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        • Herrasmtih
        • sxr
        • 25 Oct 2022

        Can someone knows why some of apps are not working? Specially facebook, messenger and things that. Need help pls

          Had this phone back in 2015 and lasted until late 2018. Great phone. Surprisingly powerful at that time. I remember I used to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang with this device back in 2017 in medium settings. Along with Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3. If apps weren't getting larger and heavier I won't upgrade until the screen falls off lol.

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            • Anonymous
            • r3a
            • 13 Mar 2021

            a nice phone at least better than other phones

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              • Gopo
              • 0U6
              • 21 Nov 2020

              Anonymous, 21 Aug 2020i hate this phone lenovo a536 because its so.very fast to l... moreIf the phone is few years old buy a new battery!

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                • Anonymous
                • t7X
                • 21 Aug 2020

                i hate this phone lenovo a536 because its so.very fast to low battery and also its so slow to charge i hate this phone i cant even use this phone for 1 hour i hate this phone i cant use it correctly and also when i on the wifi its stuck OMG i hate this.phone

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                  • Anonymous
                  • YQ$
                  • 12 Aug 2020

                  My Lenovo a536 display became fully white now what should I do

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                    • MH
                    • bxd
                    • 03 Apr 2020

                    My very first smartphone in 2015, got as a birthday present when I excel in examination. This phone works great for a communication and entertaiment device, with good battery, decent camera and nice gpu for a starter person in that year. Unfortunately I broke the screen with a hammer when I having depression time, and I stop using a smartphone then back to my Nokia C3. Thanks to Lenovo because give me a chance for a great experiance on android and teach me what a smartphone use to be. Greet from Malaysia

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                      • 3qV
                      • 10 Feb 2020

                      i was in love with this phone. the battery wasn’t bad, it was somewhat fast and it rarely glitched. only problem is that my mic died, so i had to use earphones every time i wanted to call someone. 3 years after i bought it (i think i bought it when it was released), the charging port started to die slowly. all in all, if you like androids & budget phones, this should be good for you

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                        • margarita l
                        • xvS
                        • 20 Jan 2020

                        can you help me find e new battery for this android?

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                          • (music)
                          • nUk
                          • 05 Sep 2019

                          I had this phone but the charger is broken so it's dead and I destroyed it becuz I have the huaewei p8 lite

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                            • leonovo
                            • U@3
                            • 17 Aug 2019


                              • C
                              • Chris
                              • gKC
                              • 29 Sep 2018

                              How can i turn it off automatic voice call recording ? When I finish every call and the same sacond I get : "Record as mp3 or record as note message" ,so I want to turn it off this...pls help me

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Dkw
                                • 19 Aug 2018

                                My phone problem is network
                                Not comes to my phone but sim change other phone then network is full, plzz ask me what is problem my phone

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                                  • Samson
                                  • YTY
                                  • 01 Jun 2018


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                                    • Welos
                                    • 7Xj
                                    • 06 Apr 2018

                                    Cant transfer app data from internal storage to sd card, the apps still insists on draining my internal storage, it also cannot change installing location. One of the worst phones i have.

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                                      • YTS
                                      • 06 Jan 2018

                                      been using this for 3years since its release. great budget phone and if you're a light user like me. but you'll encounter problems like earphone jack malfunctions (doesnt connect), when opening the phone the screen sometimes fluctuate? but im a pretty patient person so ive been satisfied with this phone rooted it and installed custom roms. you cant play games very much on this since its only 2000mah. lasts about 1 and a half day but extends more if you rarely use it. buy it only if you're short on money.

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                                        • gruBall
                                        • PEW
                                        • 11 Dec 2017

                                        this was the true iPhone 4 competitor on the Android side. it even has an iPhone cheat theme based on Kitkat. still gunning great.