Lenovo A7000

Lenovo A7000

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  • Anonymous

Tj, 23 Jul 2021Does it support 4gVolte No it does not

  • Tj

Does it support 4gVolte

  • Anonymous

cyrus, 24 Feb 2021how much this phone now?and where can i buy dude just buy pixel its have same price but high performance

  • Manju

I using this phone since 2015, till date no complaint for this phone. Problem is Only lower inbuilt memory storage.

  • Mork

I used this phone since 2016 and it was fine until 2020 (but ghost touch is there and some parts can't be touched). I can say this phone lasts longer than your relationship. :>

  • cyrus

how much this phone now?and where can i buy

  • sandy

this phone vioce call not support

  • Shackbolt

Hart, 09 Aug 2020Set an SD card as internal storageHey I'm using that only but there is a slight problem. Even with that it just downloads apps in internal storage n thn send it to extrnal storage even though it's formatted as internal. Also my pc now does not recognises the external storage after formatting
Now the overheating issue got worse n process crash now n then also this phone is difficult to root n I'm not able to do it

  • Shri

Hart, 09 Aug 2020Set an SD card as internal storageYes

  • Hart

Ravi, 21 Jun 2020I like my phone Lenovo a7000 very much. I bought it on June... moreSet an SD card as internal storage

  • Shakbolt

Hello guys.This is a genuine review and I'm goona tell all the pros and cons.

Cons (there are too many!!!)
1. Very bad battery management system.
I changed my battery thrice but got the same result
2.Very Very less storage.
U can't even download a app more than 800 mb .coz the OS takes a whooping 7 gb out of8.
3.Many users(even me faced a ghost touch problem) due to no reason.I didn't even drop my phone coz most of the time it was charging on a table
4. It takes 2.5 hours to charge to give you a 1.5 hour screen on browsing experience
5.apps frequenly crash.
6.No os updates Android 6 at last and no support
7.Last not the least bad connectivity issues.

Pros(Ya!!It has some)

1.A fully certified l1 widevine support meaning you can stream hd content directly from phone.
2.Screen mirroring works like a charm just coonects in seconds.
3.Camera is decent enough.(I use snapseed for eiting those though)
4.Very simple ui

Thats all my review.

P.S.You should try to buy a protective case as my brother's phon just stopped responding by just falling from the table to the floor

U could see resmi go whichbis a little better for the price and specs or the realme C1

  • Ravi

I like my phone Lenovo a7000 very much. I bought it on June 2015. Today june 2020, Still I am using this mobile phone. Only issue with my phone is internal storage.

Hi good day, my phone is given serious problem, and the error message display is "Unfortunately, the file manager has stopped, ok or try to solve which i have been try but all to no avail.

  • Kumudu

I love this phone. I simply love it. I respect my Lenovo A7000-a phone. I love it. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Mathy, 14 Jun 2019Hi I using this phone very very bad speed ,signal also ,c... moreThat's the problem with your slow memory card

  • Mathy

Hi I using this phone very very bad speed ,signal also ,canot updat new updat no space ,when open icon normally 2 or 3 minits slower open very very slow this phone ,suddenly canot working waiting &slowly working no good this.

  • Mersal sai

Good battery. Hanging lag. Internal only 8 GB. CAMERA POOR.

  • Janko

Since 2016 im using price was very less so we can use it as roughly,less capacity battery hanging not sufficient internal memory

This is beast after root.
Use custom ROM coz faced many bugs in STD ROM

I'm still using this phone for my TOR access

  • Anonymous

tim, 14 Dec 2018always got a problem with the battery. drained fastIn my Lenovo a7000 screen button touch unlock gesture not working what can I do