Lenovo A7000 Plus

Lenovo A7000 Plus

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  • Anonymous
  • 7XX
  • 22 Oct 2022

Slow the game mobile legends

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    • Anonymous
    • YPe
    • 20 Aug 2020

    Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018Been using it since 2016. No problem except the touch is un... moreWhere did you get that resurrection rom and modem ? I need them .

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      • Jett
      • I@a
      • 04 Feb 2020

      This is comparable to the Samsung J7 Prime... Except the ram is a little smaller than the J7 Prime, but this is still usable right now.

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        • Aidoo
        • CGH
        • 20 Dec 2018

        Please I need this type of lenovo, how can I get some?

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          • Anonymous
          • t@g
          • 29 Jun 2018

          Knotz, 02 Jun 2018I believe this is actually 720pno, its really 1920 x 1080px.
          may be your phone is a7000 only, not a7000 plus...

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            • Unknown
            • X{k
            • 24 Jun 2018

            This is really awesome it camera is good and it has heating problem and about it's battery ....it was fine for 2 yrs but it drain very fast when less than 40 and charge slowly when less than 40 after 40 it charge like it has been boosted and I play games like LAST DAY ON EARTH and Coc but it never lag ising Facebook Twitter Instagram never ever leagged ...that's what I like the best

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              • Anonymous
              • PF5
              • 06 Jun 2018

              Been using it since 2016. No problem except the touch is unresponsive at certain point and I had to lock the screen and unlock it to make it responsive. Recently it became too often that the screen unresponsive that forced me to install twrp and flash K3 note resurrection remix custom ROM. I had to flash A7000 plus modem to make the mobile data to work again. It was worth it as if it's a new phone.

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                • Knotz
                • 7Xk
                • 02 Jun 2018

                I believe this is actually 720p

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                  • AnonD-757872
                  • rnv
                  • 08 May 2018

                  which is better, lollipop or marshamallow?
                  for battery , perfomance and gaming...

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                    • AnonD-757872
                    • rnv
                    • 08 May 2018

                    fahim, 28 Feb 2018I want to know sim card 4g supported?yes support 4 g..

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                      • gladiator
                      • rnv
                      • 08 May 2018

                      which is better, lolipop or marshemello?

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                        • fahim
                        • X}e
                        • 28 Feb 2018

                        I want to know sim card 4g supported?

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                          • Vikas
                          • gMx
                          • 28 Jan 2018

                          This phone support VoLTE??

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                            • Mark
                            • iA0
                            • 22 Jan 2018

                            Pretty awesome device, got exactly the same one when I lost my first, a year and a half of heavy duty usage never let me down, no lag, no battery issues, no monkey business, just lost the mic with a hard shock, smashed the screen partially on another shock, still working :)

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                              • johnjoseph
                              • K25
                              • 16 Nov 2017

                              my lenovoA700 is not working because the board is destroy and i think the problem of my phone will not solve..theres no solution on my phone..i need to buy a new board for my phone...hope theres any one can help my problem in my phone..pls..help.help..

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                                • Schimanparanoia
                                • thv
                                • 04 Nov 2017

                                For its camera, performance, multi tasking, this phone is good. But for me after 2 years of using this phone, its touchscreen problem got worse and its heat problem. I have to lock then unlock the phone so i 'refresh' the phone touchscreen.

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                                  • AnonD-708022
                                  • sw3
                                  • 14 Oct 2017

                                  Anonymous, 14 Jun 2017Got this for my birthday in 2016. This phone is the absolut... moreYou shouldn`t play games on your phone, that`s not what it is made for... Buy PC for games, and if you can`t then don`t play games... This phone is one of the best i had for the amount of money i paid for it, and there is no competition for it when it comes to spec and value...

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                                    • AnonD-590346
                                    • tZk
                                    • 18 Jun 2017

                                    Been using this phone for about 6 months. No problems at all. Camera could be better but overall it's a very decent phone. No regrets buying it.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • IV}
                                      • 14 Jun 2017

                                      Got this for my birthday in 2016. This phone is the absolute worst at playing games, and I'm talking about old school Final Fantasy style graphics, pixels. You'll get 5 minutes of decent frame rate before the phone overheats and the CPU is throttled down (no way of changing this).

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • t7X
                                        • 11 May 2017

                                        Anonymous, 08 May 2017This phone is worst!!! This is bad performance touch heatin... moreThis phone is actually decent for hd games. Im a gamer and so far ive gotten good performance but for some i had to turn the grphics down. The 2 gb ram sure is useful.