Lenovo E156

Lenovo E156

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  • netherforager
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  • 03 Sep 2021

Macbeth, 03 Oct 2018Lenovo would be the last company I'd expect to make a phone... morei think its a rebrand since i seen a huawei phone that is the exact same

    bought this phone, more because of curiosity...
    as they are computer manufacturer, since this phone is one of the pioneering phones, so i want to see how it matched up nokia basic phones...
    and as i use it, it is not comparable to phones i owned before it, it feels like a toy... nevertheless it gets job done as a basic phone...
    i liked the fact that it has sdcard slot, and it can play music, you can record too...
    sound is flat, but has enough details, it is loud...
    fm radio is of good use too, back then...
    bad thing it has no 3.5mm audio jack, but the miniusb port where you charge can also be used for headphone that is made especially for it, the sound that comes out from it is decently... flat... somehow i enjoyed that "flatness"
    but texting and calling is somehow bad...
    the phone is slow in reading keypress, which i never experienced from any basic phone i had...
    during calls, the mic is also weak as the person on the other line cannot clearly hear me, volume on the other end is too low, so i usually raise my voice just to be heard...
    i seldom use it now, but still, the earphone that comes with it still works...
    so, at least, despite those things i complained about, it still works after years of usage and drawer hopping... ha ha...

      Lenovo would be the last company I'd expect to make a phone like THIS.

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        • AJ
        • 2Au
        • 22 Jul 2016

        I miss this phone

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          • Anonymous
          • t7X
          • 29 Dec 2014

          Can I put picture here? What format picture can I put?

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            • LJA
            • iiY
            • 20 Jan 2013

            excellent phone. works as required. calls/text.
            dual standby for my 2 networks.

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              • izack777
              • v0q
              • 30 Jul 2012

              the phone lags and restarts randomly when you activate to use both sims online , but in single sim mode, the phone runs smooth, the music player has a good sound quality in ratio to its price...