Lenovo IdeaTab A2107

Lenovo IdeaTab A2107

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  • JanisaT

Suraz, 29 Oct 2015How to get call dialer any idea??Me too i cant dial and cant use mobile data.......

  • janisaT

How to Put a Phone Call,because in my tablet it cant call only text.and when im ganna use a mobile data it doesn't work.......pls help meee!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-653706

I own a tablet IdeaTab A2107A-H and when I download an application it is stored automatically in the limited internal space of the tablet (128MB) and not in the larger space of USB storage (1,25GB) or of the SD card (5,98 GB), so I am forced to erase an existing application. Is there a way to down load an application in any desired storage (USB or SD card)?

  • kishore

I want dialer and keypad settings in lenovo tab a2107a-h. I can download the dialer app in playstore but its not working what can I do please tell me

  • Kim

rashid , 01 Dec 2016How to work USB in lenovo idea tab a 2107A-H tablet .plz answer.... moreI think this tablet is not OTG support

  • Kim

Make sure that this tablet is OTG support. I think not.

  • jeoralven

I also download download flashyfy and
twrp my Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 h, then I put twrp files on boot image twrp files recovery img
how can i fix my lenovo ideatab help me plss my lenovo is stock on boot logo

  • rashid

How to work USB in lenovo idea tab a 2107A-H tablet .plz answer.....any body

  • rashid

U give me answer ?

  • jhoin

Suraz, 29 Oct 2015How to get call dialer any idea??i dont know also

  • Anonymous

I don't know what happened but my tab went blank and then I got a vertical line in the middle when I tap it I get the keyboard I don't have my username or anything can I open the tab

  • hzmmhmd

my tablet A2107,never accept my google account,through which i can continue with google play..once i enter my user name and pass word a message states that my android device may not be provisioned for data service,if it continues call customer care!!!...if so,how can i solve it??

  • Anonymous

skk, 19 May 2015Although on paper the internal storage capacity shown is 16GB th... moreMe to ihave asame proplem and idon't know what can ido?

  • Anonymous

Hello Gendlemens,
My name is elango from india.I'm using Lenovo a2107A-H tab its bought from abroad unfortunately I can't unlock release. Now I I didn't use either sim ard and memory Card. I wanna how to unlock this tab pls give suggestions

  • vicente

someone has managed ethernet connection with lenovo A2107, indicate how it's done please. Thank you. vicente2009-9@yahoo.es

  • Anonymous

for activating your "call" option U should indtall a costom rom

its a little risky but its fine

  • Anonymous

how to make call through this tab.. there is no call dallier.. Can u guide me how to dial a call

  • Suraz

How to get call dialer any idea??

  • Rafiqul

AnonD-354912, 22 Jan 2015The Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 is official been discontinued so that's... morehow to fix APN setting

  • messenger

my tablet can't read USB