Lenovo IdeaTab S6000H

Lenovo IdeaTab S6000H

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  • Binod
  • DkL
  • 23 Sep 2020

I have got problem related to display lenovo S6000 H Model 60032 how can I get the display...help me out...

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    • Marina
    • JbI
    • 28 Jan 2020

    Hello!!! I have the lenovo tablet s6000 and I was using the screen mirroring. Even though I used it a couple of times it just stop connecting. I can find the TV on the tablet but it refuses to connect. Any ideas on how to fix it!? I tried with the hdmi, not a great option

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      • Nader
      • Nky
      • 28 Oct 2019

      My problem with lenovo tablet s6000H is the internal memory is only 4 gb, while the phone storage as 64 gb with no benefit. How can I use the phone storage as a primary storage or internal memory.?

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        • Anonymous
        • m2m
        • 20 May 2019

        Anonymous, 16 May 2017s6000 tab very good one till now working good without any p... moreDo not be fooled to have any apps. Looked for security reasons. I have been locked out of my dearly beloved Lenovo tablet S6000_H
        Wish I can get it to work again.

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          • Abdillah
          • Gw{
          • 18 Apr 2019

          I have been using this tab since 2013 with no breakage or problems unfortunatelym its about a week now my tab slot(micro chip) is not working at all. I renewed the chip but the fate still exist .Please help me

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            • maka
            • rjB
            • 24 Dec 2017

            not 32 gig.

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              • roozan
              • XNN
              • 31 Oct 2017

              Anonymous, 04 Jan 2016if you are happy with your tablet why then million... moreThe best tab ever I buy this tab before 4½ n still it doesn't give me any complain with myself the backup battery power it's adorable still it gives me 8hr non stop

                • D
                • AnonD-709972
                • NiB
                • 23 Oct 2017

                Gina, 10 Feb 2016I got one for my son for school, what started of as a great... moreHave you fixed the problem of dialling pad???
                If yes help me

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                  • AnonD-709972
                  • NiB
                  • 23 Oct 2017

                  My iPad it don't have call and received application. It give hard task when it come voucher filling. Please help me to tackle this problem if possible

                    • M
                    • Monic
                    • MXu
                    • 04 Aug 2017

                    Can someone give me current from orginal charger battery? I have charger baterry 2A and my battery is fall when i charge it i'm afraid when i conect charter 3A then it can break . Please help

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CAy
                      • 11 Jul 2017

                      My wifi wont come on again after several months of not using my tablet. Any suggestions for me to resolve this issue ?

                        • y
                        • yasty
                        • N9p
                        • 12 Jun 2017

                        Can you fix the sim card slot once it has been damaged?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 0Ck
                          • 16 May 2017

                          s6000 tab very good one till now working good without any problem.

                            • d
                            • devaraj
                            • 2T9
                            • 05 May 2017

                            i have this unfortunately ths screen appears some lines and itscharging jacket doesn't work properly.pls help this problem,where did ican solve this problem.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • fj9
                              • 03 May 2017

                              Pls help my tab doesn't have dialing features

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                                • Anonymous
                                • NXN
                                • 29 Apr 2017

                                Its a wonderful tablet, using it for a year now, still strong &looks new specially hardware.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • JxV
                                  • 09 Sep 2016

                                  Hulda de Witt, 29 Jul 2016I recently bought a usb that can be connected to my lenovo ... moreDownload ES file explorer and use it

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                                    • AnonD-575252
                                    • XQj
                                    • 22 Aug 2016

                                    that idea tab is not call.that product is wifi only?
                                    I updated system in yesterday but android version 4.2.2 jelly beam is not change,why?how i can do that?

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                                      • Najiya
                                      • pu2
                                      • 14 Aug 2016

                                      Anonymous, 07 Dec 2015this tablet is the worst ..it has the worst camera..even th... moreIt's absolutely the best one but still :-( many probs......
                                      Covers and protectors unavailable in the market :-(:-(:-(:-(
                                      They are saying it is of old model:-(:-(:-(

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                                        • Hulda de Witt
                                        • rv7
                                        • 29 Jul 2016

                                        I recently bought a usb that can be connected to my lenovo S6000h. But I cant fine it anywhere. Where does it read? It is not in file manager.