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  • Frank

Help me with the LCD of this phone. Mine has cracks it fall down.

  • Timothy

Doesnt see the 64GB memory SD. Works only up to 32GB !!!

  • noco

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2019Don'tNo security updates since nov 2017!!!!!

  • A.M

hsd, 04 Apr 2019I bought it in December 2017, still working fine, though the And... morethat is right👍

  • hsd

I bought it in December 2017, still working fine, though the Android version is now 7 but not the full version! As one can notice that not all the features are there.
During charging, the phone is super slow and crappy .. but at the time of purchase it was 120€ so I thought I can live with this as I mostly charge at night and don't use it much then ;)

  • Anonymous

Logan, 04 Dec 2018Can someone tell me how to update to 7.0 Android?Don't

  • RAJ

Someone please help me, My CC cleaner crashed and there is a small color picture in the corner with a white screen all around after the crash and I am unable to restart or switch off the mobile . Can someone please let me know what the port is at the bottom of the phone? I tried resetting using that port but to no avail!

  • AJ

Around one year i am using this phone One of the best value for money phone. Powerful phone at a cheap price.

  • Jenner

I'm still rocking the affordable Lenovo K6 (k33A48) nougat 7.0.
This phone is amazing for its price.
Nice 5" handset not too big not too small.
The 3000 mAh keeps on going the entire day.
Great screen
Not a speedy experience but almost flawless. Using the split screen for multitasking can be a little slow but works just fine.
Good fingerprint scanner and nice double tap function for waking it up.

I wish I could just upgrade the hardware inside the K6. It's still not worth upgrading to a better phone just yet. All other phones are too big for my liking.

  • Usef

Screen is so good; 441 ppi in K6 is equal to these phone for comparing: Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)/ Google Pixel 3/ LG Q7 and It is better than Samsung Galaxy Fold / Motorola Moto G6 & G7 / Samsung Galaxy A10 / Apple iPhone 8 & 7 / Apple iPhone XR.

  • YellowMoon

My kids just broke the phone and it gonna be replaced.

So i give the feedbak on 2.5 half year of use.

On Android 6.0 it was a speedy phone.

After 7.0 update it got slower... YouTube App => Video stutter every 15-20 sec.
Touchscreen reactivity got worse and sligtly worse battery life.
Games loading speed dropped by 30% vs 6.0
It had a hard life when i opened more that 5 Apps.

All in all not a bad phone. Just the 7.0 update was not done right by Lenovo, for that i understand why same spec Motorola device is more expensive.

Finale note : 3.5/5

  • Sekerce

AnonD-738892, 20 Feb 2018Good idea Android 7.0 or no? Don,t update i have mic issue other side bearly hear me.

  • lpxx50117

Logan, 04 Dec 2018Can someone tell me how to update to 7.0 Android?You can find the official android7.0 firmware in xda,and also xda have the unofficial android8.1

  • Logan

Can someone tell me how to update to 7.0 Android?

  • elva

I have this phone for several months... I bought it based on opinions here and review (https://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-K6-Smartph­one-Review.194986.0.html)... Only bad thing is RAM, you can feel 2GB isn't really enough, but if you don't mind apps resetting often it isn't a big thing. I didn't upgrade to 7.0. Phone is always cool to mild warm, battery is perfect, no lags and stutters, speakers are really loud, headphones as well... Glad I bought this phone, I couldn't ask for anything more

  • Fahd

I have an issue on Facebook, it keep refreshing automatically and brings me to the top of the feeds of course that makes me lose the lost I was reading, I have tried the lite version and the same problem! Any one experience this issue? Any ideas ?

  • Swamy

Time does not update when using app and some time alarm won't ring messaging is not comfortable

Anonymous, 23 Jun 2018what is d used of VR mode in lenovo k6 power phoneUsing of vr for vr glases. You can enjoy 360 degree videos through vr glases.It is an excellent feature. Also enjoy sterio music on phone with loud volume on phone.

Pilgrim, 26 Jun 2018using xiaomi 4a before which is cheaper than k6, and xiaomi stil... moreI love lenovo K6 I am using this phone from jun 2017. It is good phone and bugetted. I am really a fan. I am user of new games like pupgee clash of clan. Or racing game like drag racer or Asphalt 8 you can play without lagging. If you use high speed sd card you can merge this with internal memory. Fast chsrging charge it in 1 hr. I give it 4+ out of 5. Moreover camera results ate ok.

  • staza

Pilgrim, 26 Jun 2018using xiaomi 4a before which is cheaper than k6, and xiaomi stil... moreDid xiaomi paid commercials to you for this?!?!?