Lenovo K6 Note

Lenovo K6 Note

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  • mehul
  • X$5
  • 14 Mar 2023

very good phone

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    • Anonymous
    • 05K
    • 31 Dec 2022

    Anonymous, 27 Jun 2022Proudly owned this phone for atleast 6 years without any co... moreCouldn't agree more...

    I used it from Jan 2017 to Dec 2022. Now changing because the charging port has become loose for two months; death bells I suppose... Still, it works like a charm.

    Somehow, no other phone seems to be satisfactory now. It feels like 'The K6 note had it 6 years ago, still only this much improvement to this new 'xyz' phone?!'

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      • Anonymous
      • rJH
      • 27 Jun 2022

      Proudly owned this phone for atleast 6 years without any complaint .. one of the best phone I have ever used

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        • Waqas
        • ubE
        • 14 Apr 2022

        What a phone to have since last 5 years.
        Amazing hardware performance,not a single problem faced,good quality cameras.
        After 5 years battery time has gone down significantly otherwise all ticks.

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          • Anonymous
          • p{E
          • 08 Apr 2022

          5 years without a single problem. Original battery was good 4 years. Replaced to new one and lasts 2 days again. Great quality.

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            • Anonymous
            • dML
            • 25 Feb 2022

            Been using it for almost 5 years, works same as ever except for the battery (barely holds up for a day now). Great phone.
            May have problems with LTE networks, couldn't figure out why. Just using the other one.
            Camera is crap.
            I had trouble looking for a case online, but found one in some shop in a small town so they do exist. No luck with glass protection but I failed to leave any marks with constant dropping and typing over the years so whatever.
            Performance is great when I'm not working like 3 heavy apps at once, that's when it slows down. Rarely fails to register touch on lock screen, easily fixed with

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              • anonymus sus
              • apL
              • 17 Feb 2022

              i am using this phone for almost the battery draining and phone is lagging tooooooo much pls help me get a new phone

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                • Anonymous
                • g8F
                • 11 Feb 2022

                Stil working good after 6 Years,time For New phone😂👍👍

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                  • Anonymous
                  • akH
                  • 30 Nov 2021

                  Anonymous, 12 Nov 2021I am using my Lenovo K6 Note for almost 5 yrs now and I sta... moreThe mobile is still working good but the problem is with battery is having problem now

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                    • Anonymous
                    • puu
                    • 12 Nov 2021

                    I am using my Lenovo K6 Note for almost 5 yrs now and I start facing battery problems.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • vG2
                      • 31 Oct 2021

                      I'm using K6note since more than 4.5 years now and it has been a sincere partner. Durable it is!

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                        • K6user
                        • 86h
                        • 24 Oct 2021

                        misooo, 01 Feb 2021Hi, my wife's mum has this phone, and I can't pai... moreI used K6 note for 5 years. Sometimes you can't see bluetooths from the top menu you need to go options>bluetooth.

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                          • Kwame
                          • fuv
                          • 17 Apr 2021

                          Cannot find anything using bluetooth

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                            • abhi
                            • nCY
                            • 21 Mar 2021

                            its a really good phone :)

                              • m
                              • misooo
                              • 3Sf
                              • 01 Feb 2021

                              Hi, my wife's mum has this phone, and I can't pair it with Mi band 2. The phone actually cannot find anything using bluetooth. Anyone who was similar problems?

                                • R
                                • Random
                                • X06
                                • 15 Jan 2021

                                It worked for a year then it stopped working it wont turn on or charge i did got it repaired and it broked down again no its not a button or a battery problem

                                  Anonymous, 28 Aug 2020Guys Don't buy this phone... I bought one before 5 mon... moreLike who tf is gonna buy this phone in 2020? Duh

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Nk{
                                    • 28 Sep 2020

                                    How to save contacts on phone? bec.it saves them on the SIM and the SIM is full and can't save more contacts
                                    I tried alot to save on phone but I can't
                                    It's a problem

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                                      • Arsh
                                      • GRQ
                                      • 10 Sep 2020

                                      Anonymous, 07 Jun 2020i thought inhad a phone right but poor in audio receiving....😡😡😡There are many other phones in the market better than this in the same price range. Why did you buy this one?redmi 8A is way better and is in the same price range.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • XUH
                                        • 28 Aug 2020

                                        Guys Don't buy this phone... I bought one before 5 month. In spite of remaining warranty It's malfunctioning continuously😐