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Lenovo K6 Power

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  • balaji

when i am open whatsapp after using 6-7 hrs.....mobile hanging problm is started.....what can i do....


I am useing LENOVO K 6 POWER from 1 year from the beginning mic problem and hanging problem is there. service centers are very worst

  • sanjay

network problems and solution on that

  • Raj

kolo, 23 Nov 2017my k6 note hangs when i am making a call,the screen turns off an... moreThats proximity sensor problem....try proximity calibrator from play store

  • kd

today i have received nov. security update. update size 79 mb & fix jio sim network problem

  • kd

After Android Nougat Update Very Bad Experience....

  • AnonD-718341

worth it for what you pay for, better than the others in his class. i used 6 months, no problem

  • kolo

my k6 note hangs when i am making a call,the screen turns off and i cant end the phone call.....what should i do?

  • mani

I have issue with screen lock and fingerprint sensor there is not lock my after setting

  • Anonymous

Some times calls are automatically dialed..Some time i can' see my full photos and apps in the file manager..( Good battery backup,good sound,good camera,etc...nice mobile)

  • kiv

Should I buy the K6 Power or the normal K6? I am afraid the Power might be too thick and feel outdated because of that. Is there any other difference between the 16gb versions other than thickness and battery? Thanks a lot!

  • Murugan

very very worsted mobile hello guys don't buy this waste of money

  • AnonD-715276

shaggy, 25 Oct 2017Hello everyone Please do not buy any Lenovo mobile. I have k6... moreNo this not a problem in every k6 power ... I'm using it from last 11 months without any problem

  • Prajapati Ajay

Mic issue is Continue marshmallow & nougat and Service center service is very bad, my device hangs and every time I need to lock and unlock again...

  • motif

1. while using camera(rear) with flash the image color is yellowish. in low light as well as good lighting situation. maybe due to poor image processing.
2.the headphone jack was occasionally troublesome with playing only the right earphone or both but in muffled voice and sometimes none,my earphone pin would be inserted fully eventhough the earphone not working and the speaker plays sound so i would have to insert the pin 70% in the jack to make earphone play the sound.which was due to sound processing fault coz when i restarted my device the problem was resolved.
3.the phone should have an elevated dot between the 2 rear speakers to prevent muffled voice while placing your device on a plane surface.
4.the bottom navigation buttons are not backlight still not a big deal coz u will adjust in time.
5.rear camera performance in low light is quite average.
6.the phone gets stuck occasionally. not like in lagging but it does not respond to any command.
i hope the problem gets resolved with updates.
lenovo compromised the quality of the bundled earphone with that of the phone quality mainly due to the budget of the device.
i.e u are getting a quality phone but u will have to compromise with average earphones.

  • Anonymous

Same problem here. Only 4G network is working. Incoming and outgoing calls not working

  • AnonD-712218

My Lenovo k33a42 not working theme center and also volte is not supported.pls solve this

  • Suraj

Nougat update solved the mic issue, but my device hangs and every time I need to lock and unlock again... sometimes automatically calls are dialed..

  • Kunal

Please don't buy this phone ... Hang issues and it's stupid Mic doesnot work at all ... Really frustrating
I regret buying this crap phone from Lenovo

  • AnonD-709819

After update nought network is too poor...