Lenovo K9

Lenovo K9

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  • Khikam

I bought this used cellphone but some parts were damaged. but I'm looking for a damaged part but the steps and the price are expensive can anyone recommend a place to buy parts for lenovo k9

  • Ms. Violet

My mom brought this phone for me and I have been using this for 2 years and the screen is smooth and its not lagging but the battery suddenly drains fast. Anyways this phone is great and I don't have any issues about this phone.☺

  • Sabir

i am using this mobile from last 2 years, this mobile is very slim and smooth touch battery power timing is very good, price range is cheaper than other option. and never face hang issue

  • Anonymous

Have been using the phone mark for about two years or more. Good in function, but battery runs down too fast.
Find it difficult to reinstall internet service.

  • Pachu

One of the good phone in this price variant for taking Videos with pretty decent clarity.However it's quite difficult to get it's basic accessories like Temper,Backcase from mobile accessory shops.

  • Hamza

I have been using this phone for almost 2 years and apart from some stuttering occasionally it works like a charm

  • Farid

Why went open waze cannot locate destination..always keep loading..?

  • Anonymous

emergency alert does not stop sending messages. lenovo is a waste of money.

  • Pintu


  • Anonymous

This phone support double tab to wake ?

How long it takes to full charge from 0 to 100%

  • dineshmulekar

back cover get broken automatically on the next day without any hammering since it is glass made... hurrassed from buyer city collection nagpur

SK, 19 Dec 2018delby atmos inbuit ???No

  • Aziz

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2018How long it takes to charge full? Please review from user,... moreIt takes like 20 minutes to recharge full battery..this phone is great

  • Anonymous

Angup, 02 Nov 2018I like lenovo k9 becuz of its lasting battery and a powerfu... moreHow long it takes to charge full?
Please review from user, i knew lenovo normally good but samsung fail twice on note7

  • Anonymous

Syahrilfdilla.id, 27 Nov 2018It has LED Notification or not ? Yes, it has, but for several purposes only: incoming messages, missed calls, and low battery indicator. When you wake up the screen, it turned off automatically.

  • SK

delby atmos inbuit ???

  • Anonymous

bery good specification processor is new mtp22

  • Anonymous

VPolad, 18 Oct 2018Very good question ♠ . I m waiting for P3 almost 3 year. Le... moreAgree, un- consistent, motorola suppose to handle flagship but today annoucement said different.
Lenovo should focus on mid P3 5500mah, SD67X

  • HRK

Why lenovo hasn't given a large battery back up? Does it have the heating problem!!!

It has LED Notification or not ?