Lenovo Legion smartphone teased to feature 90W fast charging

Ro, 13 April 2020

The Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone is on the way and the last leak was pretty revealing too. Today, with the help of a Lenovo official, we know a little bit more about the handset.

In a Weibo post, the shared a poster bragging about the phone's 90W fast wired charging. That's one hell of a jump given that the currently fastest implementation offers 65W of fast wired charging from Oppo and Xiaomi's Black Shark 3.

Lenovo Legion smartphone teased with 90W fast charging

The feature is further "confirmed" by a renown leakster on Weibo who shared another poster about the same feature.

Lenovo Legion smartphone teased with 90W fast charging

It would be rather impressive if Lenovo really pulled off charging this fast and we can't wait for the official debut of the phone to find out how it works and try it.

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They released 2-3 years ago the 1tb memory on the phones (when it was a dream), under screen camera with no holes. Oh wait..they release that on paper. I forgot to say that none of the above ever seen the light at the end of tunnel. I am expecting th...

Well I think that the companies unique cooling technology will help the batteries also and the 90W thing is just for marketing purposes the PR guys added the rating both wired and wireless charging which resulted in a total charging rating to 90W. I...

remember when Lenovo said the Z6 will have a 100+MP camera system? :D

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