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This was my first android and i was amazed how much better android was than ios. Sad that google lost it :/

    • L
    • Lyn
    • Rk2
    • 20 Nov 2022

    I've had this phone for 6 years now, understandably the battery is no longer at it's best performance but still it can lasts around 2 to 4 days on standby mode. I love the screen size. Doesn't have an OS update so it's still on Android 6 but it's fine with me since most apps I use still works well with it. Not a gamer though so it's mostly messaging apps, Netflix, WPS, scanner and printer apps. And the best feature for me is it's durability - I've dropped it a few times already but it's still working just fine, No screen cracks.

      • A
      • Algis
      • 0xU
      • 19 Jan 2022

      Great phone, but NEVER buying from Lenovo again for not updating Android version and so too soon essentially wasting my money I paid for this phone. Too many apps I cannot use now because they require Android 7, 8 or some even version 9. While RAM is good even for Android 10! But no updates, that converts the device to electronic waste too soon. Lenovo is not a green and responsible company. Such a practices to make life short by intentionally not updating phone OS versions shall draw EU regulators attention.

        • W
        • WishingWell
        • t7D
        • 06 Feb 2021

        i have had this phone for so long now.. but i just cannot let it go because i am spoiled with the screen size. i dont care about high refresh rates when all i care about is i can watch youtube videos and comfortably type with the big on screeen buttons. Lols.

          • K
          • Khaja
          • rKH
          • 28 Jan 2021

          I need Lenovo phab 2 body

            • a
            • anonymous
            • HBG
            • 02 Dec 2020

            its impossible to root this device . we can't control as our own will .i really hate it.

              • b
              • bhavesh mamtora
              • X}G
              • 13 Aug 2020

              plz send new update
              phone is best

                • B
                • Bhupendra
                • Dk9
                • 04 Apr 2020

                Pooji, 22 Oct 2018After the updation of my Lenovo phab2 phone, the volte is n... moreCamera not connected

                  • R
                  • Richie
                  • 7%%
                  • 20 Feb 2020

                  pairing 5.0v bluetooth to lenovo 4.0v phone and some issue to the sound to the receiver it seems like a cartoon, pls advise thanks.

                    • B
                    • Baby Jamie
                    • 7XX
                    • 07 Jan 2020

                    It's 2020 and my phone is still functioning well, the battery is so fantastic because sometimes i use my cp while charging but it doesn't destroy at all

                      • v
                      • venu
                      • uud
                      • 31 Aug 2019

                      Please don't purchase any sort of lenovo products.

                      2016 i purchased a7700 mobile
                      After 8months it started stop charging at 83%.

                      2019 i purchased tab v7 6505M
                      After opening pack 1st charging is cent%
                      2nd charge stop at 72%
                      3rd charge stop at 76%

                      Within 3hrs it reaching up to 70% from there i even waiter for 6hrs also bcoz of its 5000mah but no progress.

                      Even laptops also very delicate keys on think pad.

                        • I
                        • Iboy
                        • t7W
                        • 27 Jul 2019

                        Chelsea, 26 Apr 2017Hi, I am unable to connect with wifi at home, but it connec... moreMy lenovo phab 2 plus can connect to wifi at home.. so the problem is not in the unit

                          Update... the darn phone eventually developed the mic problem and the only solution I could find was to turn the speaker setting on and then the caller could hear what I was saying... but so could every person in the room, full conversation made public.

                            • V
                            • Vasu
                            • rx7
                            • 29 Mar 2019

                            within 2 month from purchase , screen got blank, service sentre says Mother board need to replace. poor quality phone.

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Yab
                              • 10 Mar 2019

                              shedy, 21 Jan 2019my Lenovo Phab 2 screen got broken..... can someone help me... morego to amazon and find Outer Screen Glass Digitizer Touch Screen Replacement For Lenovo Phab 2 Phab2 PB-650N 650M 650Y (Not LCD Display) with Adhesive (gold)

                                • b
                                • badii
                                • sxs
                                • 08 Mar 2019

                                is lenovo phab2 is rooted?

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • gM{
                                  • 23 Feb 2019

                                  If you can handle it it's good but a problem in speaker it's giving creepy sound suddenly

                                    • s
                                    • shedy
                                    • CDq
                                    • 21 Jan 2019

                                    my Lenovo Phab 2 screen got broken..... can someone help me, how can i repair/change the screen?

                                      MRJS, 02 Jan 2019My phone Lenovo Phab 2 is repeated switch off and on automa... moreFactory reset is your best bet.

                                        • M
                                        • MRJS
                                        • 7}N
                                        • 02 Jan 2019

                                        My phone Lenovo Phab 2 is repeated switch off and on automatically since 1 weeks, kindly advise me the issue on it and it's solution.