Lenovo Phab2 launches in India on December 6

George, 03 December 2016

The most affordable model from the Lenovo Phab2 family - well, the Phab 2, is scheduled to launch in India next week, on December 6 to be precise. Meanwhile, the Phab2 Plus has been available for a month now, but there are no details yet as to when and if the top-of-the-line Google Tango-enabled Phab2 Pro will make it to store shelves in the country.

The Lenovo Phab2 features a 6.4-inch display with a modest 720p resolution (229ppi), while the Plus ups that to 1080p and the Pro goes all-out with QHD. You'll find the Mediatek MT8735 chipset in charge, its quad-core CPU joined by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. There's a single 13MP camera on the back of the Phab2 - the Plus has two of those.

Perhaps the best bit about the vanilla Phab2 is its battery - the 4,050mAh capacity is shared across the range, but the unassuming CPU and low display resolution might just make this particular model the longest-lasting one of the bunch. Now, for a glimpse of what the Phab2 Pro offers on top of the entry-level model, check out our detailed review, hot off the press.



Reader comments

  • I lost the track

I lost the track of Lenovo phone model names a long time ago. Now I barely look at the model name and specs. Only thing makes me wondering that developers and marketing guys at Lenovo still not bored about launching a new device each week.

  • k0l9

You're wrong those phones you've mentioned aren't that big as you thing no giant hand need to hold them,.. even my wife have one of those, unless you're a small kid then tell to your daddy to buy a kids phone there are plenty out there don't worry ma...

  • Anonymous

6.9" is the limit and yes, smartphone that size do exist. 7" above is tablet territory. Thats why we call anything above 5.7" as phablet.

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