Lenovo Phab2 Plus

Lenovo Phab2 Plus

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  • Anonymous

Dual 4g support yes or no

  • kavithapriya

its one of the less problamatic....just a yummy cake for phone lovers...one of the best phone ..great battery utilization and the best processor fast

  • Bob

Feranmi Daniel Kappo, 11 Dec 2019This is an amazing device but I currently have issues with ... moreYou can find a replacement battery on aliexpress

  • PB

Hello hv been using this Lenovo phab 2 past 4 years without any issues. In Nov I got the first issue phone taking well around 25 mins to start, got it repaired was advised being a software glitch. It worked fyn but at times it again get stuck while starting when restart is done "optimising 1 of 1" starts, how do we chk which app is creating problem. Any suggestions

  • Gray

It's amazing phone, the display, the battery and the internet is very good ... Camera is good.. Also but it's not very good like samsung camera huawei but over all I give 8 out of 10 .

  • Feranmi Daniel Kappo

This is an amazing device but I currently have issues with the battery and I can't find a store around me anywhere in Nigeria where I could purchase it. Could anyone help me please?

AnonD-747038, 24 Mar 2018It has FM and about camera see youtube reviewsMine also has not FM

sam, 18 Jun 2018Not a bad device after all. Good screen and look tougher th... more>Took 5 to 6 hours to fully charged.

Use its own original charger: it's a little bit out of specs respect to phone of that time: 5.2 v, 2A (10.4 W output). With the original charger, when switched off it charges up in 1 hr. Ciao

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019Been fooled by reseller as the phone get restarted, it show... moreAfter 3 yrs using this phone I can say that everything is wrong with that machine except for the screen and the battery. All the rest indeed. Look at my comment below. Ciao

After 3 yrs of intense use of this phone here is what my experience has been:
Display, battery endurance and included headset and charger: GREAT
All the rest: a mess indeed, a DISASTER. All networks does not work fine: GPS is totally unstable hence very dangerous on the road; wifi is unstable as well: losses of signal and needs to be restarded (on-off) quite often; GSM signal strenght is always less than other phones with same network carrier.
SYSTEM: several non-critical system errors (light-grey pop-up messages on the bottom); boot time: minutes...it's not acceptable and the first screen is "Android apps starting 1 of 2...2 of 2" as it happens when you install a brand new rom. I think it runs in a sort of "debug mode".
Lenovo has NEVER released any system update for this machine despite of an absolute necessity for them.

  • Morphy

AnonD-747038, 24 Mar 2018Used for 1 year 4 months, Its a Phone for everyday use, a... moreHow do I insectsim and SD card

  • Morphy

TamimHSN, 18 May 2019I am also in the same problem of flashlight on video. If yo... moreI have a problem with flash light when video is covering

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019Been fooled by reseller as the phone get restarted, it show... morei have the same problem, but i already resolved it. try to remember the last app that you install before it happens, uninstall it. on my case, the zedge app cause the problem.

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2018Also my Phan 2 plus not Wark video recorder time flash ligh... moreI am also in the same problem of flashlight on video. If you have find any solution please help me.

  • Anonymous

Been fooled by reseller as the phone get restarted, it show Android is starting..... Optimizing app 1 of 1.

Not get any option hot fix

  • Anonymous

noel, 20 Jun 2018been using this for a year. The only problem is that the ic... morechange it in the settings

  • Anonymous

Marcho, 18 Jan 2018Phone has 3 worthy features: screen, fingerprint scanner an... moreTrue doesn't support game playing.. It's just big phone but I regret buying it.. Bad phone compared to the fones been using

  • Adriana

When I use headphones, the music stops every time the phone pauses. How can I correct this? Please help!!

  • Alex

First off all i like very match all lonevo product but my Quation is about my Adriod Lonevo phab2 my phone is by steping mathed after reset phone not working thant mean only work receive call from other user so what shall ido? I have not getting on the phone not display other system.

  • Ashok

I have Lenovo Phab 2 plus Mobile, i have toe problem in my mobile
1. Not working for Flashlight.
2. I using the opening the camera, mobile having heat.

Please help me, how to solve the problem