Lenovo Q350

Lenovo Q350

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-267115, 25 May 2014its seems close to impossible to get a new battery for this... moreThis willreally help a lot if possible, Thanks

  • AnonD-267115

its seems close to impossible to get a new battery for this item (li-ion 1100 mAh bl-125). anyone who knows how/where to find one, feel free to post infos. tnx.

  • Anonymous

criss, 26 Sep 2013how can i play a youtube and download for a theme ? any one... morefor golauncher only

  • cuteberl

May we know the possible solution when the SIM1 and SIM2 are locked?

  • criss

how can i play a youtube and download for a theme ? any one can help me ?

  • treesya

how can i download other themes??

  • kat

em'em, 09 Jul 2013how can i connect this phone without using the WIFI? ANY ON... moreim using Opera mini and it worked well without paying charges for connection.,try it dude ;-)

  • em'em

how can i connect this phone without using the WIFI? ANY ONE WHO CAN help me?

  • travis

how do i turn on the wi-fi?

  • Jhay ar

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2013i'm ask for a theme Me too, im asking for themes

  • ghe

i just bought this phone about one month ago...when i able to connect to the internet thru wifi..i can't play the youtube because it is not supported..how i wish i could download the videos which i want to view...hope that there is someone who can help me...tnx:)

  • Anonymous

i'm ask for a theme

  • thinMan

uppercase/lowercase button (malfunction) wifi connection (supposed to be ready) camera (3mp? or is it really 2mp) multi caller (hang) contact number blacklist (is it really functional?) lenovoQ350 what else? i bought it 2/22/13 and im gonna return it and get my money back.

  • deldes29

I want to share something about this phone, there is a very big glitch on the WIFI connection of this. The MAC Address of all phone for this model are identical. And to give you a brief description with MAC Address, a unit or any gadget that are able to connect to the Web must have a unique MAC Address. If you connect to the WIFI server you will be provided an assigned IP Address and will be identified by your MAC Address so no one can use your assigned IP address until you disconnect. Now imagine if you are in a WAN network and you have 10 persons have the same phone as this, you all can't connect to the WIFI because the connection will be confused which MAC Address does the IP must be assigned. I know this because I bought 3 of these and realized that no one can connect if all are trying to reach through the WAN connection. See this photo to see following for images:

  • Anonymous

how do i turn off the wifi?

  • Bubong

If you are on a tight budget and wants to get the most of your money this could be the phone for you, although it has its ups and downs (well no phone is perfect, right?). What i like about this phone is that it is user-friendly, even your grandma can use it. What i love about this phone is that it has an ebook reader perfect for a bookworm like me. I bought this phone because it is dual sim and wifi ready. This phone has no operating system like android, but you can stil download apps that you wanted through java apps, provided that you have an sd card. However, the downside of the phone is its camera-not really 3mp as they advertised but i think it's in the range of 1-1.5mp. It's a big turn off for me. My 2mp phone camera has a more acceptable resolution that this phone. Another is it has only 2 themes. The shift key doesn't work, a bit of an inconvinience. And a bit of a let down is it's masculine appeal.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2012how can i deactivate the sim lock of the unit i already hav... moreHi. When i first got my phone it didn't asked for a code. But if yours is maybe you could try to input 1234, basically most phones were set on simple codes like this. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

how can i deactivate the sim lock of the unit i already have the lenovo q350 but as of now im having trouble on my unit,i cannot operate the sim properly for its sim closed i don't have the pin code...
hope u can help me...
looking forward for you're reply