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  • Anonymous

RandomDude2407, 08 Nov 2020My experience is not bad. I changed around 5 phones this ye... morePhilosopher!

I had high hopes for this phone, really. All metal build, 6gb/64gb, usb c, fast18w charging. Lo and behold, when I started using it, I noticed a ton of bugs. Unfortunately, Lenovo does not upgrade their phones, so the bugs will be there. Even texting is a pain, as the ones I send end up at the top of the convo, really weird isn't it? No option to put battery percentage inside of battery icon, no option to put in time/clock on home screen. This is one of the buggiest phones I've ever used, I'm returning it today.

My experience is not bad. I changed around 5 phones this year: Apple iPhone 6⏩ Sony Xperia Z5⏩ Huawei P40 Lite⏩ Xiaomi Redmi 5 ⏩ Lenovo S5 Pro GT. As using these phones i will compare my experiences using Lenovo S5 Pro GT with my other phones. First speakers they are great they are the best of all these phones, then display, well it's not bad but Xperia Z5 had more PPI, so uhh not bad I guess, then biometrics well fingerprint sensor is slow, its slower than Redmi 5, iPhone 6 and even Xperia Z5 and definitely a lot slower than P40 Lite (he is the king of speed in therms of biometrics, at least for me) in thems of face unlock Redmi 5 and iPhone 6 didn't have one, i am really sad that Lenovo decided to remove 3D infrared face unlock in 3.9.166 ST update (because that is the reason why i bought the phone) so i used Goggle's Trusted Face and it's bad, it's 2D only and it doesn't work at night so i just basically waisted my money, P40 Lite killed him in that department. In therms of performance it's not bad its better than Redmi 5, Xperia Z5 and iPhone 6 but P40 Lite is again better. In therms of battery it's not good it lasts less than Xiaomi Redmi 5, and a hell of a lot less than P40 Lite but it lasts more than iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z5. Cameras are ok i am happy i can record 4K@30Fps and 1080p@60fps i like pictures from the main camera but shutter is slow, its even slower than low powered Redmi 5. The second camera actually work and yes indeed, it is 2X optical camera. And haptics are terrible they are quite and you just can't feel them. That was my opinion on Lenovo S5 Pro it is not bad device but i had bad experiences with him and good ones tho. Phone have multi colored notification light, it doesn't have front led light, it is made of metal, back cover, metal frame as well as metal power button and split volume buttons. I hope somebody knows how to get stock ROM on it but that one that had 3D infrared face unlock. I hope this will not be recognized as a spam and it will not be deleted.

Judinsl, 28 Apr 2020Can it take 1080p 60fps video?Yes but you need to go to video option in camera app and chose that little magic wand icon and tap '2X'.

  • ATTAHIRU Zubairu

Anonymous, 19 Oct 2018Lol.. 3 vs 6 GB RAM difference in favour of Lenovo S5 pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2019Most people complain about Lenovo not sending updates. I ca... moreOMG!

  • Judinsl

Fred, 05 Sep 2019Such a decent phone that is worth every penny ...smooth tou... moreCan it take 1080p 60fps video?

Ace., 15 Mar 2019Who knows if this device will get pie updateLenovo phones gets Android updates up to 8.0.
The only Lenovo phones with Android 9.0 are those which comes with it when you buy them (K10 series, Z6 series, A6 Note, Z5s and K6 Enjoy)

  • Fred

Such a decent phone that is worth every penny ...smooth touch with clearer voice calls ...just on point

  • Carol bby

Jack Redmond, 10 May 2019 I want to use Gcam on this phone, can someone please tell ... moreI have a problem with front camera not appearing once I go to camera. Only back camera is available. Kindly someone help how I will get back the front camera

  • Anonymous

Jack Redmond, 10 May 2019 I want to use Gcam on this phone, can someone please tell ... moreno way. just sell it

  • Ayash

The front camera is crashed, it did not work good it gives a black and white picture

  • Jack Redmond

Dan, 22 Jan 2019This phone has the best selfie camera in its price category... more I want to use Gcam on this phone, can someone please tell me how to ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019none of lenovo devices will get update, maybe flagship devi... morenothing at all
no security patch or update to solve the bugs

  • Anonymous

Ace., 27 Mar 2019Does Lenovo send updates to the devicenone of lenovo devices will get update, maybe flagship devices with sd855
don't wait
when you buy it, this is the one & last android version will be on your device
just listen to me, don't waste your time for writing email about bugs, even they answer you but nothing at all, be sure

Does Lenovo send updates to the device

  • Dan

faezeh07, 16 Mar 2019what is ui?User interface, the skin Lenovo puts on top of stock Android.

  • Dan

Ace., 23 Feb 2019Has the speaker issue been fixedDon't think so, it happened again last week according to my daughter who's been using it.

Ace., 16 Mar 2019Try using open camera application..it's on play storethanks for your re-action. you know , i searched more and more and i found more information. this problem returned to ability of phone . it called " delete noise " in new phones. but i dont know what should i do for deactive it. google should be answer , this problem returned to version of android.

faezeh07, 16 Mar 2019hi.the performance of my phone is the best.but i have a big... moreTry using open camera application..it's on play store