Lenovo S650

Lenovo S650

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  • unknown

Alia, 04 Apr 2014I just bought Lenovo S650 about a week ago. Here is my say : ... morewhere u buy that lenovo s650 with rm487?

  • Anonymous

Najib1312, 03 Apr 2014Which floor in Lowyat exactly? And how many years warranty did t... moresecond floor if not mistaken. Infront samsung authorized shop. 1 year

  • zashiki warashi

confuse to choose Lenovo S650 or Sony Experia C .... please suggest thx

  • nickname

Is it lenovo s650 AP is original lenovo?
And did it work good?answer please.

  • gilbert

why my lenovo s650 cant watch video? when i view video it will show not responnding..

  • Ty'est

Planning to buy this model. But can anyone tell me if I could watch HD videos using it? 720p or 1080p or can't? Please reply. thanks!

  • Anonymous

yan, 06 Apr 2014how do you disable the camera shutter sound of this phone withou... moremute yr phone

  • malique

Just bought d phn..recommended by my fren...only 1 word that I can described...superb n worth for money..browsing is supeeerrrrr fast....gr8 job lenovo....

  • yan

how do you disable the camera shutter sound of this phone without downloading other camera apps (b/c for some reason picture/video quality is lower w/ other apps)? pleaaase help thanks!!

  • aisyah

AnonD-250310, 02 Apr 2014why notifiation LED on my phone does not work??please help me.. Yes..me too

  • AnonD-251254

calling software is compatible with Lenovo S650 and please provide me the feedback about the phone clarity

  • gbn

How to set up malay language?

  • Alia

I just bought Lenovo S650 about a week ago. Here is my say :

1. Battery : Quite good. For example, I charged it at 10PM and I can still use my phone until 3.00AM the next day.

2. Camera : 8MP. Camera is OK. Explore the settings. Enhance them with photo editors.

3. Screen Sensitivity : I found it slower than iPhone but still usable. Having slight difficulty in writing. Or maybe because I have fat fingers :P

4. Super duper fast. No hangs! Even when you are receiving lots and lotsa notifications from Wechat, WhatsApp or other apps, it won't get stuck like my iPhone did.

5. Video is my main concern. Some videos are very clear, some 1080p videos can be very very clear to watch but sometimes they are suck. I'm not sure why. Try to find settings for the videos but couldn't find.

Overall, S650 is worth the cheap price. I just purchased AP set for MYR485 with one year warranty. Mine is white colour.

  • fan lenovo

hyep..lets join Lenovo S650 User Malaysia

  • Muhd Adib

I want to know, how many colurs that this phone have ? because when i go to the shop the seller said have 2 colurs. However in the phone maganzine said 1 colour. So how colur that this smartphone have ??
My second question is how i want know that the phone original. I scared if i buy non-original for this phone.
I hope you can help me.
I'm from Malaysia
email: ejenadib@rocketmail.com

  • otw

AnonD-250667, 03 Apr 2014I want to know How to differentiate AP and original???please...Make sure the phone from ECS/Ingram sticker distributor..charger got 3 leg,battery note got English version..and tthe most important thing..buy it from lenovo shop..

  • Aen

AnonD-250667, 03 Apr 2014I want to know How to differentiate AP and original???please...Ori set: The set was bringing in by authorized dealer that responsible for the warranty and the OS was set for the specific places and buyer must pay for tax and AP.

AP set: Seller bringing in the phone by them self from the origin place so the can sell cheaper but the OS was for the original places unless the seller reformat and reinstall the OS for our region. For warranty seller will send back the phone to the factory.

Both set was 100% same and original.. just the way they bringing in was different...

  • AnonD-250667

I want to know How to differentiate AP and original???please...

  • AnonD-250525

This phone is awesome. Very good specs. No lag, long lasting battery, camera is suprisingly good, user-friendly, this phone is recommended for entertainment and business purpose with uninterrupted lags. if you dont mind for bigger budget, i'm suggesting not to buy an import set(AP) even if it is cheaper because original guarantee is always better. Well done Lenovo

  • Anonymous

mujeeb, 02 Apr 2014I bought this phone couple of months back. Every thing is fine e... morereset your phone,it will goes back to normal.