Lenovo S660

Lenovo S660

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  • maddy
  • sUU
  • 09 Sep 2016

poor performs till battery it is good
but it hangs all the app
lenovo had made a poor mobile phone
do not buy it is .........

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    • Mayabk
    • vI9
    • 03 Sep 2016

    I was brought lenovos660 and p780 both phone are same problem the call is not transfer sim slots are damage cannot connect to mobile network

      • D
      • Dyson
      • Hkt
      • 03 Sep 2016

      Best Mobile .... Dual 3G sim, First 3000Mah Battery in the Smartphoes Series, fantastic camer its better than Xiaomi redmi 3 Pro16mp,

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        • sanju
        • 2Wa
        • 20 Aug 2016

        Network problem my lenava. S660

          • u
          • user
          • RI8
          • 05 Aug 2016

          Anonymous, 04 Aug 2016I got problem with SIM detection on this phone. It does not... moredont fully push the sim card inside the slot.. make sure the sim chip get contact with the gold pins. I had the same prob and i solved it by not fully pushing the sim inside the slot.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • vxr
            • 04 Aug 2016

            I got problem with SIM detection on this phone. It does not recognize my SIM at all. I tried inserting my SIM to other Android phones and it works. Anyone here having the same problem?

              • D
              • AnonD-567282
              • t7X
              • 02 Aug 2016

              Almost threw this phone to the wall. Bluetooth is frustratingly retarded. It couldn't find my YunTeng 1288 selfie stick and Remax bluetooth sport headset, while my MacBook and a friend's china phone can. Useless prick. Won't buy Lenovo again

                • k
                • kotesh
                • YTY
                • 23 Jul 2016

                kittu, 07 Sep 2015I am Rooted my mobile with kingsroot w.o.pc &I delete ... moreMy mobile is stopped working if I on it no command is coming please suggest a option for me

                  • j
                  • jazzmeister0
                  • uS$
                  • 17 Jul 2016

                  Just a question, I've been trying to update my OS from Android 4.2.2 through OTA but it keeps getting an error.

                  It always says assert failed apply_patch_check and it shows an address to a PlusOne.apk.

                  Does anyone know how to fix this? I want to update to 4.4 but I don't want to root my phone as it poses the risk of bricking my phone.

                    • v
                    • vivky
                    • uu5
                    • 20 Jun 2016

                    yes same problem

                      • v
                      • vivcky
                      • uu5
                      • 20 Jun 2016

                      yes... that same problem very bad

                        • R
                        • RAVI
                        • rAh
                        • 14 Jun 2016

                        i using lenovo s660 last 22 months initial it is ok. after 7 months contact frequently getting hang. signal not getting proper in lot of area. battery life first 9 months ok . after that draining fast

                          • A
                          • Admin
                          • 2Aj
                          • 07 Jun 2016

                          ayon roy, 03 Jun 2016gr8 phone 1 of the best ever from lenovoYeah, right!

                            • K
                            • KIRAN SS
                            • 2SD
                            • 06 Jun 2016

                            AnonD-284392, 17 Jul 2014I bought this phone 2 months back, initial days I was comfo... moreis your problem resolved.i too have the same problem

                              • K
                              • KIRAN SS
                              • 2SD
                              • 06 Jun 2016

                              I am using this phone for the past 1 year..now i have call drop problem..i can't talk more than 1 min..is there any solution for this call drop..plz suggest me

                                • a
                                • ayon roy
                                • bCh
                                • 03 Jun 2016

                                gr8 phone 1 of the best ever from lenovo

                                  • A
                                  • Amol
                                  • TS8
                                  • 03 Jun 2016

                                  The phone has not given a single update in last two years.
                                  Do not buy this phone as no developers are even interested in it to make a custom ROM or other modules for it.

                                    • m
                                    • milind
                                    • 2Sy
                                    • 03 Jun 2016

                                    i have lenovo s660 from last two years but from yesterday phone not switch on after chardgin g from last night pls help me to sort
                                    out the problem

                                      • H
                                      • Hema
                                      • H4r
                                      • 20 May 2016

                                      Suddenly phone hanged displaying - Lenovo... I tried hard reseting following steps in the link :-http://www.hardreset.info/devices/lenovo/lenovo-s660/... after hard reset and rebooting also, am unable to move from -> Lenovo (for those who do ) screen... Please help ASAP...

                                        • #
                                        • #PrankstaGangsta
                                        • 3Yd
                                        • 15 May 2016

                                        I've used the phone for about 1.5 years.... I did'nt have any problem.... Love the battery life...