Lenovo S860

Lenovo S860

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  • ngize

thz s860 network connection alway problem even cant load to internet i jst being confuse

  • Nani

i have using lenovo s860 the problem is wifi connection is not working properly how can i fix this problem

  • R

Don't ever buy this phone

  • Ashok

Very worst mobile. Even Lenovo cares are not solving my problem my mobile is being switched off and getting on and is not taking software I never thought the company will not provide a service like this

  • Jun

aj, 15 Jul 2017which planet do u come from? the phone is the slowest i've... moreThis phone's age is more than 3 years, of course this phone won't be the fastest phone in 2017 but if tweak it a lil bit, this phone won't dissapoint you. I know because i still have it and recently use it back as my daily driver. And i have no complain.

  • aj

Tom, 01 Mar 2017What gps software you wanna use, reset and check again. By... morewhich planet do u come from? the phone is the slowest i've ever used!

  • Tom

What gps software you wanna use, reset and check again. By the way the phone is really amazing, very fast and great battery!!

  • Anonymous

Please let me know why my phone Lenovo S860 GPS is not working? How do I fix it?

  • AnonD-639847

anybody wants to exchange this phone with my lenovo vibe x s960?

  • Medo

AnonD-587879, 21 Sep 2016Hi Jarjit, when was this last update What is the last update for me I have no update form I bought it before 2 years it's kitkat

  • rock

pintoro, 04 Sep 2015please help me, my phone get hang and can't booting to home... moreSame as ma problm if u got any solution so plz discuss with me

  • Anonymous

Worst Phone.. Flashing Problem and network issue

  • sunflower

Dr Mony, 25 Nov 2016How to transfer contacts from phone to sim and vice versa? ... morego to contacts and press the left button, you can see import/export contacts :)

  • AnonD-616648

Bought the phone for nearly 2 years.... The phone starts to face battery problems... would take me almost a day to boot up...buying new phone and its no lenovo anymore

  • Dr Mony

How to transfer contacts from phone to sim and vice versa?


  • darkkiller97

The phone is fantastic but after a few months it starts to shut off by it self and even when I press the power key nothing will happen. It stays in coma for up to 8-12 hours. Its really hard because we can`t remove the battery.

  • AnonD-594085

This is a nice phone BUT the signals keep dropping and only one slot had 4g. So i got really frustrated with no network connection and no 4g- its like a note pad with wifi! Not a phone!

  • AnonD-587879

Jarjit, 29 Mar 2016I've been using this phone since feb-2015 and everything is... moreHi Jarjit, when was this last update

  • AnonD-587879

wolf, 19 Apr 2016Stand up oviation for myself, Using it like a boss even cha... moreHi Wolf, which rom did u change to, can you provide a link

  • isyaxz

Ajikusbandono, 30 Jul 2016My problem GPS always searching... Twice in one week I go ... moreYou have to turn on to high accurancy mode then only its works