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Lenovo S880

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  • Neoro
  • Nue
  • 23 Oct 2019

my new lenovo S880 battery dies off in days.i keep buying new ones weekly.Is there a problem with the phone?Am exhausted

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    • Anonymous
    • Nue
    • 09 Oct 2019

    I have problem with my phone screen and touch

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      • AnonD-695108
      • fmL
      • 26 Aug 2017

      Pls I just bought a Lenovo S880 but everything except few is in written in Chinese language. How can this be changed to English language or it's an hopeless case?

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        • Anonymous
        • t}V
        • 28 Dec 2015

        I have Lenovo S880 since two and half years. Its charging jack got damaged six month back. I approached service centre. Till three months, set lying there despite several times approaching there. All mobile sets rae better than any other premuim brand in India but response from help line or from service centre is very poor.

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          • Aaf
          • tDM
          • 29 Nov 2015

          I have problems with sound generator Lenovo s880. How to fix it..?

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            • Anonymous
            • v0q
            • 05 Nov 2015

            Hi i have a question my fsther has a phone lenevo a536 and he told thst when he going to chsrge it full but when he gonna check the following day it still 99 percent but he never touch his phone but when he get home is lenovo a536 get lowbat

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              • AnonD-403014
              • 6c1
              • 13 Jun 2015

              It's my first android phone. It was good at the time I bought it. But for now, I need another phone with better performance. I'm using A7000 at the moment.

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                • anonymous
                • PxA
                • 18 May 2015

                love this phone especially the battery life compared to other phone for more than two days may battery life still more than 50%

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                  • Anonymous
                  • PxV
                  • 09 May 2015

                  Suresh gore, 23 Mar 2015Hi, Frinds i jst want to buy this phone is this phone is go... moreits quite gooo cause i use it for up to 3 years and i just feel happy just buy it then

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                    • Suresh gore
                    • 9xN
                    • 23 Mar 2015

                    Hi, Frinds i jst want to buy this phone is this phone is good if not then why ??

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                      • gem
                      • v0q
                      • 18 Feb 2015

                      gracee, 10 Feb 2015mine has invalid imei..same problem here after factory reset

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                        • gracee
                        • A2r
                        • 10 Feb 2015

                        mine has invalid imei..

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                          • Aril Vansolvera
                          • RJ2
                          • 28 Dec 2014

                          miro, 05 Aug 2014I have Lenovo S890+ it came with facebook 2012 now I cant d... moreHaving the same problem to..

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                            • Anonymous
                            • vGx
                            • 13 Nov 2014

                            Anonymous, 05 Nov 2014when ever I download a battery saver apps it makes it diffi... moreme too having same problem

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                              • Anonymous
                              • vGx
                              • 05 Nov 2014

                              fromphil, 08 Mar 2013there's a reason why this phone Lenovo s880 have 512ram and... morewhen ever I download a battery saver apps it makes it difficult to connect to 3g n even normal gprs . wifi works fine

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                                • AnonD-321292
                                • PFx
                                • 18 Oct 2014

                                Really love this phone,
                                i used it for more than 2 years now, it drained into the water bcause accident but it still working fine.
                                i just need to dry it on sunlight.

                                And the battery life really good,
                                i love to play clash of clan on this phone, its very smooth and the touchscreen really good respons.

                                about the memory, u just need to buy external memory, and there's option to move it to SD Card without using any application to move it. Its so easy, love it!

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                                  • AnonD-29478
                                  • uCc
                                  • 03 Sep 2014

                                  Was a user of this phone and for today's era This phone can be considered slow. With BBM, Facebook, Line, Instagram and Whatsapp installed it lags. Battery life is ok for a 5 inch.

                                  If you're looking for a game phone avoid this lenovo buy the other one... And don't forget that you buy lenovo you'll rarely get system upgrade. Oh one more thing the power button is easily broken.

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                                    • Sandy
                                    • vbD
                                    • 09 Aug 2014


                                    i have Problem With my lenovo s880
                                    2 days ago my mobile fall on floor after that mobile have problem :(
                                    my mobile charging jack broken on pcb also broken all prints on pcb :(
                                    please Help me how i can find that all prints on pcb board i need connect charging usb jack

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                                      • miro
                                      • aqX
                                      • 05 Aug 2014

                                      I have Lenovo S890+ it came with facebook 2012 now I cant download new or update old version of facebook couse play store say Dulicate authority error,I try to remove Fb form phone but I can only disable it not remove

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                                        • Cece
                                        • sG{
                                        • 29 Jul 2014

                                        jaynmaz, 26 Feb 2014replace sim cardStill not working