Lenovo Sisley shows what the iPhone 6 should have looked like

13 October, 2014

Lenovo is working on a new Android smartphone called Sisley, which has just had its photos leaked. The company seems to have been heavily inspired by Apple when designing the Sisley, as it resembles the iPhone 6 as close as phone we've seen.

According to the source of the photos, the phone is just 6.9mm thick. Coincidentally, that's the same waistline as the iPhone 6. However, whereas Apple has chosen to place plastic inlays all over the back of the phone in order for the antennas to work, Lenovo has altered the design a bit and moved most of them to the top. It looks notably better that way, too - having a straight line go along a sloping edge always makes it look awkward. Not to mention the non-protruding rear camera.

In terms of specifications, not much is known for the Sisley as of now. The display is reported to be 5" with 720p resolution. At the back, there's a 13MP camera with LED flash, while at the front sits an 8MP snapper. Processor, RAM and battery are unknown at this point, but we expect the chipset to be made by MediaTek.

We don't know if the phone is going to be available outside Lenovo's home market China. It's going to be quite interesting to see how Apple reacts to the existence of the Lenovo Sisley. It has certainly gone a lot more aggressive for less in the past.

Source | Via