Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70

Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70

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Lovrata, 14 Dec 2019I have this tablet for 2.5 years now and it is indestructib... moreI have had this tablet for about 3½ years now and I have had alsorts of kit over the years from a fully functional project studio using Atari's running musical sequencing software , applemacs running logic audio pro and had manner of all kinds of laptops , PC's etc etc etc ... I have to say I love this little tablet and I will most definitely be looking at purchasing a higher end Lenovo laptop ... I still think I will get another couple of years out of my Lenovo tab.
Great piece of tech.

  • Seb

I bought this tablet back in 2016 and just recently decided to upgrade to a better model. This was a fine little tablet for the price and it served me well. My main issues with it were the constantly dropping wi-fi and it had slowed down considerably. It's also on a very outdated version of Android so that limits what apps can be installed. It works well and it's a fine little table for the price. It's a bit outdated now though. I had rooted mine and installed Android 6, which only made it slower.

  • HYPR

Lovrata, 14 Dec 2019I have this tablet for 2.5 years now and it is indestructib... moreGood run down to let us know it's a reliable, usable tablet. However, please don't state something massively false and think it's fine to do so. Android 6 and Android 9 are different. A lot. 7 and 8 are also different from 6. And currently Android 10 is the latest. So an even bigger difference. Android 6 will so lose support for some apps and this should be taken into consideration.

  • Lovrata

I have this tablet for 2.5 years now and it is indestructible. I'm using it for work mostly, QA software tester and my daughter is using it every day for watching her cartoons and Youtube kids. My older son is using it for learning sometimes. The battery holds form 7 in the morning till 7 in the evening without any problem, and still, it has 40% at the end of the day. The tablet is set in battery saver mode all day. We are using it every day without any pampering. It has fallen down on the ground I really don't know how many times (it does have a cover on it) and no scratch on it. WLAN is set Never during sleep. I have watched numerous movies on this tablet. For the average user, this tablet is great. The speakers are loud, the brightens of the screen on the minimum is still very bright, this is HD screen.
I can only say if you need a great tablet for small price this is it. Yes, it is Android 6.0 but believe me, there is no difference between android 9 and 6 only cosmetic things. I work with iOS and Android every day the only thing that you can see the difference is when you work with them like testing the app or web pages to see how they behave. For average users really no difference at all. And the battery life is amazing.

  • Yurra

I have tgis tablet for some time now (1,5 year) it is upgraded to latest android it supports and it works great. I don't have any lag nor does it freeze. After update battery lasts same.
i an perfectly happy with this tablet.

  • Albania90

Ikhsanbhrd, 27 Jan 2019Lenovo was stable in 4.4.2 android version,if you have 5.0.... moreIt was on 4.4.2 when it happened, and still it isn't fixed.

Upgrading android os just for snapdragon and other chipset,not for MTK.

Latrell, 12 Oct 2017Hey guys.. I need some help on my Tablet, its a Lenovo 2 A1... moreThis type of tab is not for IM or call,its for professional or designer to draw or design something.If you download whatsap or other im,video call etc,better using other smartphone.

Albania90, 19 Jan 2019I have had this tablet since september 2017. For a year and... moreLenovo was stable in 4.4.2 android version,if you have 5.0.1 or higher, better you downgrade it.Its will resolve all problem.

  • Albania90

I have had this tablet since september 2017. For a year and (about) a half it has worked well, considering that I have played many games and downloaded countless movies. A few lags, app crashes for the amount of months I have had this tablet are acceptable. But as we entered 2019 the tab started to not function well. To the point that it went on reboot mode.

  • Anonymous

How do you unfreeze the screen? What does a good battery look like fully charged? Nonie

  • Vichu

Guys how to correct dolby. Its crashing Everytime

  • Evč

I have this tablet
Sound is good
There's only one mistake: camera at snapchat👻📱

  • Atuanui

You really get what you pay for with this tablet. Was just Ok when it first came out in 2015. In 2018, the CPU just can't handle even standard web browsing without constant system wide pauses (whole tablet often momentarily freezes while surfing). Very laggy and sluggish on many sites. Typing / keyboard input is often laggy. Even after a wipe and reset back to factory settings (No improvement)
Bluetooth no longer works correctly after Marshmallow update.

  • Loveland

Guys help me to know how I will make a normal phone call with my tap

  • Latrell

Hey guys.. I need some help on my Tablet, its a Lenovo 2 A10...
When I want to set a media WhatsApp status it never shows my Gallery Images or Videos.. It only gives me the option to take a pic or Record a video only.. Its boring..
Anyone with a solution?

  • AnonD-27210

but it forces a clean wipe which is a tough proposition. I am holding off on the update until I can find the time to backup all data !

  • LenovoWheresMyNougat

I just got my Marshmallow update too!!!so far so good and there doesn't seem to be any bugs with this update.i heard that Lenovo will be pushing out Nougat updates to all of their Android devices and the fact that they're pushing out the Marshmallow update for this almost three year old device makes me hopeful(hopefully!!) that they'll be able to push out the Android Nougat update for this device!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2017any changes after 6.0 update any new things , any bugs ? ... moreOTA upgrade is iffy and can mess up sometimes, can make the tab sluggish you can see a minor delay when loading apps but otherwise fab. I find Lenovo OTA are problematic but thats only what I have read on the Lenovo forums.

  • Anonymous

guss77, 22 Jul 2017Great tablet: excellent battery life; excellent display bri... moreany changes after 6.0 update any new things , any bugs ?

and thank you