Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30

Lenovo Tab 2 A7-30

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  • Anonymous
  • X{X
  • 14 Mar 2021

How can I connect keyboard and mouse,with the tablet??????

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    • Mr. Maybe
    • D6Z
    • 14 Feb 2021

    Anonymous, 08 Dec 2020My Lenovo tab 2 a7-30gc how to fix unfortunately phone stoppedPress Up and power buttons untill android robot appears, then select clear eMMC. Your problem will be solved but all your data will be lost.

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      • Anonymous
      • I@H
      • 08 Dec 2020

      My Lenovo tab 2 a7-30gc how to fix unfortunately phone stopped

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        • Anonymous
        • KZJ
        • 06 Dec 2020

        My tab 2 A7-30 have network problem...symbol 3G already showing up...but if open anything app use data...i cant open it..still up notification im dont have internet connection...can u solve it??

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          • Anonymous
          • fCL
          • 30 Sep 2020

          Very good tab

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            • Nick
            • X%x
            • 13 Sep 2020

            Great tablet been using it for 5 or 6 years and still plays a lot games without any problem great 😊😊

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              • Anonymous
              • U{V
              • 08 Aug 2020

              An idiotic tablet.It is waste as it is very delicate,the charging port and the screen broke very easily. NEVER BUY A LENOVO TABLET

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                • Jawad
                • X%s
                • 16 Jul 2020

                It is an awesome tablet this is being 6years I am using this.😎😎

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                  • alireza
                  • B{$
                  • 13 Jan 2020

                  Holly, 15 Oct 2019I have been using this tablet for 4 years! I also had dropp... morei have lots of software issues with this thing . cant install and use many of my desired online apps. because as i login to their accounts (eg facebook, skype, web browsers other than chrome, even online taxi services) it start showing an error message continuously and until i remove those apps they wont disappear. the solution? disable contacts storage and lose the access to contacts list entirely. so annoying

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                    • alireza
                    • B{$
                    • 13 Jan 2020

                    loci, 23 Aug 2019ive got this tablet for over 3 years now.. and the performa... morewhat really? i kick and punch and throw it away almost everyday and its not completely dead its just a zombie (nearly non responsive and extremely slow). only good for playing disk throwing physically and paper writing on it.

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                      • alireza
                      • 7SJ
                      • 13 Jan 2020

                      great for read ebooks offline (terrible lags when connected to internet) and watching videos and movies with medium\low quality and great speaker. so horrible on the rest occasions.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nXq
                        • 04 Jan 2020

                        My sister had this as a birthday present almost 3 years ago. After a few months, the tablet started to lag. The touchcreen doesn't respond 25% of the time, it is so slow, and the screen is also meh.

                        If you're on a budget, buy a Samsung tab A. Okay screen, good build quality, and still able to run apps normal after a couple of years

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pFU
                          • 27 Oct 2019

                          been using it for almost 4 years. youtube works fine, browsing works fine on chrome, gps is good (herewego) only locking in is slow sometimes, mail works (gmail). good option is, you can block preinstalled apps with lenovo security, so you free more ram. i also use wps docs. battery still lasts 10 hours of video with min brightness (which is pretty bright). honestly, when i bought it, i thought i will throw it away after 2 years (when warranty is out), however i still use it. display is good (low ppi though). i had installed a lot of apps, however after 2,5 years i hard reset and installed minimal (it has only 1gb ram...)

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                            • Holly
                            • XPI
                            • 15 Oct 2019

                            I have been using this tablet for 4 years! I also had dropped it for many times! But it did not broke or got problems in softwares too! With this price, i can understand the poor specifications! For me, i onlu have some problems in camera! Thanks for reading! You need to be more paitient than ever to use this actually!😄😄😄

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                              • morgan
                              • CAB
                              • 09 Oct 2019

                              my lenovo tab 2 is continually losing power to a point it only operates while on charger. is the battery replaceable

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                                • loci
                                • 0B{
                                • 23 Aug 2019

                                ive got this tablet for over 3 years now.. and the performance is pretty bad.
                                EXTREMELY laggy, Non responsive, low quality screen,EXTREMELY weak. i dropped this ONCE and now half the pixels on the screen are dead, and colors are messed up.
                                Rating is 0.1/10. the 0.1 just because it still works. lol

                                  Miraculous Ladybug, 24 Jun 2019Me too! I've had it since it came out and since then it's b... moreI agree with you about the lagging.

                                  I updated the OS to Lollipop then I tried deleting/uninstalling allowable & unnecessary apps/processes/services, uninstalled updates to allowable & unnecessary apps (turned off auto updates), and have the tablet run on the allowable bare minimum, cleared up tons of space on internal storage and SD card, and when I finally get ready to install the ONE GAME THAT I WAS LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING = the game was LAGGY, intermittent connectivity, and crashes the game.

                                  I did all that so I could keep from having my phone from draining the battery... My phone has OS KitKat and runs the game flawlessly. :/

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                                    • Erwin
                                    • sxs
                                    • 14 Jul 2019

                                    Kyle , 18 Nov 2016How to change 2g network to 3g network? Because my tab has ... morePlease help me .how do I turn to 3G in my tab 2 A7-30GC.. it has 2G network only.. too slow for downloading.. please apply update this to 3G

                                      • M
                                      • Miraculous Ladybug
                                      • 3Ly
                                      • 24 Jun 2019

                                      Doha Al-Sayed, 13 Sep 2018I've had this tablet for quite sometime. I can not use it. ... moreMe too! I've had it since it came out and since then it's been very laggy and unresponsive..

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                                        • Friend
                                        • 7j{
                                        • 16 Apr 2019

                                        Anonymous, 19 Mar 2017I cannot use google play store. How can I use or install go... moreI also had this problem once. Just Factory DATA Reset your tab and your google play store and other google apps will automatically installed on your resetted device. Thank you...