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  • Anonymous
  • MAw
  • 16 Nov 2022

I have been using this device since December 2017 (almost exclusively).
1. The device still has decent battery life (custom ROM, lineage OS 18) after all this time, which is certainly impressive.
2. It has quite nice screen and is big enough for watching movies and videos and playing light games.
3. Speaker quality is fine, at least for movies and videos.
4. Main camera is decent, flashlight is very bright.
5. It still works after soon 5 years of use.
1. No software updates (except for security updates) which lenovo said were good enough to satisfy their obligations so on this alone I would never get this or any other lenovo products regardless of what they say.
2. The cover that was on the sides of the tablet just fell off a couple of months ago, not a huge deal but it shows the lack of quality materials being used (haven't dropped the device, just used normally).
3. Headphones jack connector is really unreliable and has been for at least 3 years now, possibly even more. The best I can describe it as that it is loose and has always been kinda loose. So again they have saved some pennies on that too and got a worse quality one.
4. Microphone has stopped working years ago, despite almost never being used.
5. Bought together with this device a protecting case, straight from lenovo itself and it fell apart in around 1 years time after normal use, the plastics holding the device in place just fell off. So again bad quality.
6. I find the minimum brightness to be too bright, they could easily have made it 30% less bright.
7. Store of this device is extremely slow and sluggish. This results in very slow performances in everything from installing apps to running games especially if the game uses lots of data on the storage.
8. While RAM amount is acceptable at 4GB, the type of RAM is very slow again very poor performance in games.
9. Selfie camera is too low quality to be useful for much.
10. Price. For what you are getting, you could go for much better quality and specs than this device and a better company too.

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    • Rafiq
    • 6p{
    • 19 Jul 2022

    Can i use this tab also as a phone tab.. Can i use phone sim for phone dialing

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      • Dinu
      • L6r
      • 08 Feb 2022

      Sil, 07 Feb 2022I have the model 64GB 4GB RAM, works ok for now with small ... moreLenovo lied, they said that this tablet will get more updates initially and later on they just decided to not provide any updates for it. Yours is getting slow because of the old Android. I've installed lineage os and is rocket fast. Except sound, overall a good tablet if you install customos. For me it's clear, lenovo-never again, because of their attitude towards the customers.

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        • Sil
        • nh1
        • 07 Feb 2022

        I have the model 64GB 4GB RAM, works ok for now with small exception : power button and volume button is loss, I been using a good cover but the frame(edge) has many cracks, is start being slowly , some apps (skype) are hanging and crashing. I hope to get 2 more years from this tablet but I doubt it...the battery has gone to 0% procent and the tablet refuse to charge :(. I thought that was the end of it. After restarting few times is alive again.

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          • Anonymous
          • U%{
          • 29 Sep 2021

          Initial I thought this is good tablet with price under 30k but after 1 year I came up with following conclusion:
          1) No upgrade/ updates provided by Lenovo in this tablet where lower price range tablets got updates.
          2) Very bad optimisation.
          3) They sold this tablet in premium price range but worst service.

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            • seanieb
            • Id4
            • 14 Jul 2021

            mrx, 23 Mar 2021If I knew Lenovo didn't support Android updates, I wou... moreThis device has Lineage 17 and 18, runs great.

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              • mrx
              • L2%
              • 23 Mar 2021

              If I knew Lenovo didn't support Android updates, I wouldn't buy this!
              Anyway device works fine enough, good battery.

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                • Seppie
                • 050
                • 26 Jan 2021

                Very good battery life!

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                  • Adam
                  • Ui9
                  • 24 May 2020

                  No software upgrades, wifi issues. A possibly great tablet held back by poor support

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                    • Ole
                    • gjy
                    • 10 May 2020

                    No software support from Lenovo, Android security patch level is 1 October 2018!

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                      • Dazzle
                      • 7t{
                      • 15 Jan 2020

                      The camera is not of good quality so I rarely use it. Never used a SIM so can't comment on the call quality. Bought it 2 years back. It's functioning well till now. I don't even have a screen guard and the touch is good. Fingerprint sensor works fine. Not had an issue till now. Sound quality was good initially now it has slightly decreased. Tab hangs occasionally. Like once a week or something. But it's only for a couple of seconds. A few apps kept stopping, uninstalled it. Now it's fine.

                        PowerReviewer, 17 Sep 2019I bought this tablet in Dec 2017 for 300 Euros. The constru... moreFurthermore, the fingerprint sensor is dysfunctional. It recognizes my fingerprint less than 50% of the times. I have tried reconfiguring it multiple times.

                          I bought this tablet in Dec 2017 for 300 Euros. The construction is solid and durable. The performance is good. It's a bit heavy. Battery autonomy is OK.
                          I had trouble with managing SD cards as internal storage (good brands of SDXC class 10 U1), so I tried factory reset and started looking for updates. To my surprise this tablet never got an Android version update. It was launched with Android 7 Nougat and it didn't even get Android 8 Oreo, launched only 1 month after the launch of the tablet. Very bad practice on behalf of Lenovo not to support their premium lines. Not worth the money.

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                            • Foxhound989
                            • sxr
                            • 04 Aug 2019

                            I bought this tablet Aug2018 I only need it for youtube, movies, music, spotify, casual surfing, and netflix if im getting bored at work. and I can say that its giving me 10 to 12hrs of movie playtime with blutooth headsets all the time. now after a year It does 8 to 10hours of watchung sessions still. I can say in happy with my usage and screen quality is also not bad. My only problem with this is I cant find accessories. Im using an ipad air case its a good quality cover but i need to be careful because theres some angles where it slips out. and the OS is stuck. but I still dont see any lags for my usage. even big ebooks comics' file transfers are not bad. there is this issue about fast charging it takes about 3hrs to charge this thing' its fine for me but its something they should change next.

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                              • nikuls
                              • L2W
                              • 03 Aug 2019

                              dsmylie1993, 16 Jul 2019Is this tablet able to run ps2 emulatorsDoubtful - some games might run, but overall, the Snapdragon 625 isn't powerful enough for PS2 (nor Dolphin, for that matter). Even using PPSSPP, some games like GTA: Liberty City stories run bit slow at times.

                              I would only recommend this for those looking to emulate GBA and older - 625 should run those comfortably. For PS2, you want Snapdragon 636 at minimum, preferably 660/670 or 845/855. Emulating newer consoles is one of those things you can do on mobile that can really tax even the 855.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 8w9
                                • 18 Jul 2019

                                that is 3gb of ram

                                  Is this tablet able to run ps2 emulators

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                                    • Samoldok
                                    • 8n1
                                    • 24 Apr 2019

                                    Tab 4 10 Plus Owner, 05 Mar 2019If you search the web for upgrades for this tablet, you wil... moreOur Yoga Tab3 10 Plus got updated to 7.1.1. this week!! I did not expect it at all. We also have a Tab 4 10 Plus. So far nothing (still 7.1.1.) but there is hope for v8 I think.

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                                      • Sat
                                      • D02
                                      • 15 Apr 2019

                                      I understand that Lenovo Tab4 10 p!us is a non calling tab but I Am not able to send or receive messages also. Need help as many applications required OTP for installations...

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                                        • Tab 4 10 Plus Owner
                                        • SH4
                                        • 05 Mar 2019

                                        If you search the web for upgrades for this tablet, you will find out, that Lenovo has no plans to update this specific tablet. It looks like there is something "wrong" about this type.
                                        Because all other Tab 4 devices get an update at least to Android 8/Oreo as promised in the official Lenovo Upgrade Matrix. But for some strange reasons the "Tab 4 10 Plus" is missing in the official list and there are a lot of dissappointed owners, waiting for an official statement about the future of the Tab 4 10 Plus (the actual sold premium device!!! of Lenovo).