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Lenovo Tab M8 (FHD)

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  • Mike

Mike, 16 Jul 2021Got this tablet just for reading manga and it does a perfec... moreAdditional info since there are more issues which makes it very hard to recommend:
This tablet DOES NOT support sd cards more than 64gb. If your sd card has more than 64gb of used space, the tablet will bootloop if you insert the card and wait for the content to be verified (can be fixed by removing the sd card).
Another obvious issue is the micro usb connection instead of type c for a device in 2019.
Couple of software issues:
In settings, you constantly get reminders for certain actions (add emergency information, customize your tablet, add another email account) that appear after a delay and you can't dismiss them. The face unlock, which is convenient bothers me because when you lock the device (mostly with a software button, but sometimes with the power button) the device will automatically fire up the screen again and search for your face, which is incredibly annoying.

  • Mike

Got this tablet just for reading manga and it does a perfect job for that.
My biggest problem is how the brightness works: 10% and under is the minimum and 11% immediately jumps to much brighter; you have to use an app like "Darker" if you want the brightness somewhere inbetween.
Another annoyance is how the lockscreen wont change to the pattern/pin screen if you don't swipe across the entire screen. There is like 60% chance that just swiping up with your thumb won't work.

  • Anonymous

the correct CPU is 8768T P22.

  • RichTech

Just purchased a refurbished Lenovo Tab M8 FHD. Overall I really like it. I had an issue with upgrading from 9 to 10 but did it right after I got and and so I wasn't upset that I had to start from scratch since it was a full refresh on the operating system. If you can get past the upgrade part, I believe you will enjoy this tablet. I am having all my widgets update in the background except the Weather Channel app. I found another app that works great so I just don't use the The Weather Channel app anymore. It is very quick in my experience so far. I have downloaded from my Mac, my music, movies and pctures. I use a 64 gig micro sd card and it is working great.Thats my two cents.

  • Anonymous

Just want to point out that the MT number for the processor listed is incorrect. The FHD does come with the Helio P22T; that processor is the MT8768T. The MT6762 is the Helio A22, which is in the Lenovo Tab M8 HD.

  • H

Joe, 26 Jun 2020Are you related to Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave Sir Robin ? :... moreHi. Have you compared the Tablet A 8 and the M8 FHD side by side (or at least handled both)? Just wondering how the displays compare.

Also wondering About the M8 FHD and the Tab A 8.4.

  • Jason

I cannot find any online retailer selling the LTE version of this tablet. Even the Lenovo US website does not show an LTE version.

  • BernardP

I was considering this tablet to complement my current Tab 4 8 Plus, bought in 2018, but realized it comes with a vintage micro-USB connector. What was Lenovo thinking? My Tab 4 8 Plus has the proper USB-C. I'll wait for an update or new model with USB-C. No way am I buying a new device with micro-USB in 2020.

lenovo tab m8 fhd tb-8705f 4gb+64gb does not support netflix, even running android 9.
anybody knows how to install netflix on it.

What a disappointment! I have a TB8703F (Tab 3 8 plus), really liked it but only 3Gb and 16Gb. The 3 is fine for me, the 16 was always tight... then I dropped it. Only a hairline crack on the screen which you barely notice but I know it's there and it annoys me.
So bought a TB8704F (Tab 4 8 plus). That was great, 4Gb and 64Gb so no issues, pretty quick, very hard to fault other than just an absence of any support from Lenovo if you have a problem.... then it got stolen.
So bought a TB8705F (Tab M8 FHD); given my previous +++ experience all should be good? Unfortunately not! 4 main issues.
1) it's slow, painfully slow at times. Not sure whether it's Pie (Android 9) but much slower than the old Tab 3 8 plus despite a supposedly faster chip
2) the screen is not that touch sensitive (or maybe just so slow to react). Tiny touch on the old Tab 3, despite it having a H9 glass protector screen and it's fine. The new M8 without any protection is nowhere near as good
3) Wifi. I can have them side by side and the Tab 3 gets the WiFi, the M8 constantly loses it or just doesn't get it at all. Literally side by side, accessing the same WiFi
4) Battery. I know it's a slightly bigger in mAh but it takes forever to charge. Again same charger on both the Tab 3 and M8, the M8 takes 3 to 4 times as long to charge from flat.... and then doesn't last as long!

Don't know just think they have cut too many corners to save cost this time.

Wish I hadn't bought it. A mistake. Wish I'd gone for the Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite 8 Inch 32GB instead which was available for the same price.

This review is after me living with this product for 3 or 4 months now so not an instant knee jerk if anyone is interested

  • Joe

Brave Sir Robin, 27 Apr 20202160 x 1080 pixels is ~ 302 ppi, not ~ 189 ppi as stated.Are you related to Brave, Brave, Brave, Brave Sir Robin ? :-)
This display is 1920x1200, not 2160 x 1080 as some reviews state. That's 283 ppi. That's down about 11% from my old Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, which is the best tablet display I've ever seen, but the M8 FHD display looks really bright and crisp. For comparison in the same price range, the populat Galaxy Tab A 8" only has 160 ppi and looks miserable by comparison.

  • Anonymous

Will the Chinese LTE version work in the US?

  • Joe

Per Lenovo, the processor is a MediaTek Helio P22T, Octa-Core, up to 2.30GHz, not an A22. It's about half again as powerful as the A22.


  • Brave Sir Robin

2160 x 1080 pixels is ~ 302 ppi, not ~ 189 ppi as stated.

  • Confused

The M8 FHD model available in US has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. There is another version that has 4GB and 64GB storage available from China. Not sure why it's not made available in the US

  • wolfcola

John Doe, 29 Jan 2020Important for streaming... only has widevine lvl3 DRM suppo... morethanks for this comment, I never even knew about this so I had to look up what windvine drm was. Is there any way to bypass this?

  • John Doe

Important for streaming... only has widevine lvl3 DRM support. This means Netflix, Prime video, etc. is capped at standard definition.

  • Anonymous

Russy23, 10 Dec 2019Was told by a lenovo chat supporter the fhd version will be... moreThe sales representative now doesn't know.. I'm going for the m5 lite 8

  • Russy23

Was told by a lenovo chat supporter the fhd version will be in stock 1 - 2 weeks away.. But couldn't give me a price.. I would hope £140 max.. Else you may as well get the m5 lite for another £40..maybe cheaper with offers.. The m5 lite has a much better cpu.. I was going to get the HD version other day.. But as I use my tablet alot for abit of everything.. I'm thinking lenovo m8 fhd or Huawei m5 lite as my only options for now..