Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

Lenovo Tab P11 Plus

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  • Gemy
  • XyK
  • 01 Oct 2023

Deos pen supports palm rejection feature??

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    • Salman Saeed
    • KIN
    • 07 Sep 2023

    I got an update Android 12,
    gone speaker sound and compromised Wifi signals

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      • People
      • YUU
      • 27 Aug 2023

      jo, 29 May 2023will get android 13???Maybe

        Imran, 18 Aug 2023Which pen i can use plz suggest Precision Pen 2

          • I
          • Imran
          • 7P4
          • 18 Aug 2023

          Which pen i can use plz suggest

            Can I use split screen

              • A
              • Ahmd
              • Nep
              • 22 Jul 2023

              user31, 05 May 2023Can I install apps on the microSD card and run them from th... moreYes

                • F
                • Farah
                • 6PY
                • 14 Jun 2023

                user31, 05 May 2023Can I install apps on the microSD card and run them from th... moreIt depends on which product number l do u buy, cuz product has three models,
                1. u can insert SD card only
                2. You can use sim
                3. double slot on tray for SD card n sim

                  • j
                  • jo
                  • Fvd
                  • 29 May 2023

                  will get android 13???

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                    • user31
                    • D0e
                    • 05 May 2023

                    Can I install apps on the microSD card and run them from there ?
                    Also, can I make voice calls from this tablet ?

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                      • Peabody
                      • j@5
                      • 06 Mar 2023

                      Hard to get the SD card in/out; requires a tiny, easily bendable wire poked into a tiny hole to release it.

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                        • Nice
                        • mFd
                        • 26 Feb 2023

                        Vitor Alves, 25 Feb 2023No FM radio 😒😂
                        You are funny bro

                          • V
                          • Vitor Alves
                          • pXL
                          • 25 Feb 2023

                          No FM radio 😒

                            • K
                            • Kzhitij
                            • tTb
                            • 15 Dec 2022

                            Would recommend only a small section of people who want producyivity, less camera friendly foldable phone. Try Surface Duo at cheap rates one gets 2 screens. Its a sweet peice of hardware but has its own software flaws also. Android cannot match upto iOS unless a steady Rom is used by all manufacturers without using or tweaking their own bloatware.

                              • M
                              • Michael
                              • mr@
                              • 14 Dec 2022

                              is this model "TB616F" and does it have LTE that can be used to connect to the internet with the 4g network via a SIM?

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • 0p}
                                • 15 Nov 2022

                                Upgrade tô Android 12 and it drove the system UI crazy dozens of app crush, forced errors until the tablet reboot itself to fast mode. Decided to perform a factory reset just like the old days.

                                Now it works fine. This is my mother's in law tablet , luckily I was around to to re install all system and apps otherwise this would have driver nuts.
                                Not sure if can recommend this tablet after this, this a terrible flaw from Lenovo. Average user should not have to do any of this stuff

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • p37
                                  • 15 Oct 2022

                                  Great screen sound quality and very light and thin.
                                  Performance wise is very good too and fast charging available.

                                  Software Android 11 is filled with bloatware (fortunately all can be uninstalled).

                                  Still running on Android 11 although Android 12! Is already being rolled out.

                                  Was thinking between this one and the M10 3gen, but this one is better in performance so will last longer

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • p37
                                    • 11 Oct 2022

                                    I bought this model recently , between the M10 3gn. The slightly better processor help to choose me this one

                                      • S
                                      • Sunny
                                      • ki$
                                      • 30 Sep 2022

                                      Lenovo website is showing upgrade plans completed for lenovo p11 plus (J616F). why didn't I get android 12?

                                        • m
                                        • me
                                        • 0xU
                                        • 28 Aug 2022

                                        do you guys still have widevin level L1 after update? mine dropped to L3